This is where users find statistics and lists for managing the library’s reservations, reminders, lending lists, sent messages and balance sheets, as well as data synchronisation with the emergency system.

These lists can be printed, or users can deal with list items directly from the screen.


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The Cicero LMS feature support for: 

  • Pick lists for reserved materials can be established on the basis of a range of different search criteria. When a given pick list has been registered, its materials are marked as being under preparation, so that others do not begin to select the same materials.
  • Pick lists can be printed out.
  • It is possible to build accounts for individual borrowers, so that these can be used as a basis for printed reminders.
  • It is possible to get a detailed view of each individual borrower’s outstanding situation.
  • Lending and reminder lists relevant to borrower groups can be printed for use by teachers, to ensure that their students are made aware of the materials they need to deliver.
  • Messages are normally sent automatically when given events occur. If, for one reason or another, these messages do not reach the intended recipient – because a borrower is registered with the wrong email address or mobile phone number, for example – these will be picked up the message queue.
  • If the Cicero LMS cannot establish contact with the outside world, (if the Internet connection is down, for example) the Cicero LMS will run in emergency mode. In this mode, it is possible to loan and return materials and Cicero keeps track of which materials are borrowed and returned. When Cicero restores contact, the loans and submissions made while the emergency system was running are then synced. If something goes wrong in the course of this synchronisation, data is collected under F5 and users can use this to initiate a manual synchronisation.