Cicero Move makes it easy for libraries to work with electronic pick lists. It’s yet one more step on the path to the paperless library.

Cicero Move Text

Cicero Move features electronic pick lists that help make sure library staff don’t search for materials in vain, or spend unnecessary time on reservations. This all saves time.

Each pick list can be sorted to reflect the layout of each particular library, so that materials can be picked up in the most efficient way possible.

Multiple staff members can look for reserved materials at the same time, thanks to the automatic synchronisation of status updates.

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Cicero Move enables users to

  • Create a list of reservations sorted on the basis of branch, department, setup, sub-display, material collection and borrower category.
  • View the front cover of each book, classification information, national bibliographical number, number of pages, edition, material category and location information for all reservations.
  • View the material identifier number and a recent history of what has been done with the item in question.
  • See how long each reservation has been in place. The reservations are grouped and marked with red, yellow and green to show how old each reservation is, indicating whether the material is actually available from within the library.
  • Easily mark any reserved item as “found”, “skipped over” or “cannot be located”.