Cicero Surf makes it quick and easy for visitors to schools, colleges and other places to find appropriate library materials.



In Cicero Surf, all materials are presented in the form of images. Instead of a traditional list of search results, visitors are greeted by a universe of front pages, pictures and visual inspiration.

Cicero Surf caters to all age groups – whether you are young or older, super-user or beginner. The way library materials are presented here makes Cicero Surf very user-friendly. At the same time, this inspiring image-based universe inspires visitors to borrow materials that they didn’t have on their list when they arrived.

The  easy-to-use visual interface looks modern and attractive, and encourages people to explore new and different materials rather than just searching for specific items. Cicero Surf is based on state-of-the-art technology,  as well as featuring well-known design principles that increase user-friendliness and provide a future-proof search solution.

With Cicero Surf, library staff are able to easily create “inspiration wheels” based on particular themes, highlights or audiences. This can be a crucial tool for creating greater lending volume.

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At the same time, Cicero Surf makes a difference for students as well as teachers. Teachers get an optimised booking flow, where it’s easy for them to reserve multiple books in one single task.

With Cicero Surf, even the youngest students get help to carry out searches with the so-called “easy search” function. This helps younger students to form sentences – “I’m looking for books that are about horses”.

This makes it easy for them to specify which subject and which type of material they’re looking for.

Cicero Surf works on all devices and works best on the latest versions of Safari and Google Chrome.

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