MoMo is a learning platform designed for everyday life. With a strong focus on the needs of teachers and students, the solution provides more time for learning and well-being.



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We constantly collaborate with our users about MoMo, and take the time to understand what’s happening in their everyday lives. This helps make our solution easy to use, and keeps MoMo focused on the things most important to our users.

We are well aware that the combination of the many different subjects and planning courses for the whole year is complicated. You have to consider your own subjects and classes, and those of your colleagues. You and your colleagues have to get your day-to-day teamwork to function smoothly, even if there are changes to the plan.

And both students and parents have to be able to see all the updates you make, so everyone has up-to-date info about what’s happening.

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MoMo is super easy to use and the transition has been easy as well. Especially the year planning function is something that all our staff use and benefit from. At the same time, MoMo is a very flexible platform, that allows for each teacher to create courses in a manner that suits their individual preferences.


At MoMo, we understand how important it is that the items on the schedule match what’s actually happening in day-to-day teaching realities.

  • MoMo always shows your current schedule, including all online updates
  • You can open the courses directly from the schedule
  • Your students and their parents can always find their courses in the current schedule
  • You can always correct and customise your courses – even while they’re running. Any changes are shown immediately