The Service Platform - a crucial part of local government IT framework architecture

The Service Platform that Systematic has developed for KOMBIT (the joint IT operation for Danish municipalities) is a key element in the overall infrastructure for the joint municipal IT framework architecture in Denmark.

Public & Private

Cases Challenge

  • Integrating the IT solutions operated by local government and state bodies is both complex and costly
  • Many different suppliers involved 

Cases Solution

  • An integration platform that presents data from many different sources
  • Agile development process focused on a solution that provides maximum value

Cases Benefits

  • Increased digitalisation of local government casework processing
  • Resources freed up
  • Easier access to data


The Service Platform makes it simpler and cheaper for local government (such as the Danish municipalities) to use data from different source systems. It also makes it possible for systems within the municipal IT framework architecture to communicate with each other, because it serves as a central integration platform.

Service Platform makes it easy to access data

KOMBIT is the joint IT operation for Danish municipalities. The company, which is owned by KL (Local Government Denmark), deals with IT and digitalisation at local government level, and occupies a unique position as the organisation that brings together Danish local government’s overall interfacing with regard to suppliers. KOMBIT wanted to establish the Service Platform to make it simpler, cheaper and secure for Danish municipalities to make use of data from a wide range of source systems within the many relevant local government casework management systems.

This makes it possible for any supplier of IT systems that wants to tackle a problem for a particular municipal customer to get easy, cheap and secure access to the data needed to support the workflows that any such new IT system provides.

Key integration platform

KOMBIT is currently working to establish a municipal IT framework architecture for Denmark.

This architecture features specialist systems that include:

  • Kommunernes Ydelsessystem (KY – Local Government Performance System)
  • Kommunernes Sygedagpengesystem (KSD – Local Government Sick Pay System)
  • Sagsoverblik/Partskontakt (SAPA – Casework Overview/Party Contact)
As well as a number of specialist support systems.

KOMBIT and the municipalities have received a competent supplier for the Service Platform.

The integration of all of these important systems, and their linkages with the many other external systems on which they depend – such as national identity and registration bodies, taxation and pension authorities, social and welfare payments, job centres, vehicle registries, digital post, municipal financial management systems, etc. – are all smoothly dovetailed via the Service Platform. This makes it a pivotal integration element in the local government IT framework architecture in Denmark.

Frees up resources and facilitates more effective workflow

The Service Platform makes it possible for the country’s municipalities and their IT suppliers, as well as other parties in the future, to access a wide range of services via data frameworks and functionalities that make a positive contribution to day-to-day tasks in local government and other relevant administrative bodies.

The platform provides opportunities to reap big gains – either directly in the form of savings on access to data and functionality, or because it frees up resources currently expended on manual processes. The Service Platform significantly reduces barriers to entry with regard to the local government IT market, because it ensures easy access to the data required for effective operations.

KOMBIT satisfied with cooperation

“We are very satisfied with our cooperation with Systematic, which is an experienced, professional supplier of IT solutions. We have a pragmatic and solution-oriented cooperation, with a focus on achieving the shared goal, for the benefit of the country’s municipalities. With Systematic, KOMBIT and the Danish municipalities have benefited from a competent supplier of the Service Platform,” said Peter Egelund, Project Director at KOMBIT.

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