The wind energy sector is currently developing faster than ever before, driven by the increasing demand for renewable energy.

This has resulted in larger wind farms placed either offshore or at often-difficult-to-access sites onshore – both of which place big demands on those constructing, operating and maintaining wind farms. Bad weather conditions, the need for flexible planning and the use of large components and equipment are all a challenge to the health and safety of those working on site.

Systematic delivers turnkey software solutions that provide effective administration, planning and tracking of personnel and other key assets in order to help tackle this challenge.

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The vision behind the Systematic SITE solution is to significantly raise levels of health and safety for workers at wind farms by managing and controlling the day-to-day activities via real-time situational awareness about the relevant sites and areas.


  • Establish a software-based management system that provides centralised as well as distributed support for multiple wind farm sites at the same time.
  • Provide effective coordination between vessels and other marine assets, helicopters, site vehicles and personnel, across all wind farm sites – both onshore and offshore.
  • Enable voice communication between personnel, vessels, helicopters and vehicles, both onshore and offshore.
  • Manage people, vessels, helicopters and vehicles, as well as personnel transfers to and from sites, based on transport requests and access rights.
  • Support communication and sensor platforms at multiple sites, to ensure centralised situational awareness and radio communication.







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SITE Situation

SITE Situation coordination centre software is currently in operation in more than 50 countries worldwide.

SITE Situation provides an easy way to maintain an overview of what is happening at multiple wind farms via surveillance, coordination, tracking and controlling of personnel, vessels, vehicles and aviation assets, as appropriate.


SITE Planning

SITE Planning registers basic information about both marine and aviation assets.

It also ensures effective planning of personnel transfers. This provides a reliable foundation for registering the location of people, vessels and vehicles working at and around wind farms, whether onshore or offshore.

It also makes sure that personnel are properly inducted into the health and safety regulations in force at each particular wind farm, and hold valid certificates for their particular job roles. It also makes it possible for personnel to carry out self-service induction and registration.

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SITE Terminal

SITE Terminal is specially designed for use aboard crew transfer vessels, aircraft or vehicles operating in demanding environments. The user interface is specially adapted for the harsh environments often encountered by those working at sea, or at remote wind farm sites onshore.

SITE Terminal shares its situational awareness picture with all other SITE installations via SITE Communication. As a result, all vessels, helicopters, vehicles and other assets are shown on the SITE Terminal and in the SITE Situation coordination centre.




SITE Mobile

This application for mobile use is designed for the individual technician out in the field. It enables the user to be an integral part of the SITE solution, requesting access to assets and with rapid, effective connections to the coordinator in the control centre as well as other personnel on site.

SITE Mobile also provides a messaging function, which is integrated with the overall messaging solution embedded in the SITE software suite. This means that messages can be exchanged with the control centre, SITE Terminal and other SITE Mobile installations, for example.


SITE Communication

The SITE software suite is a field-proven solution specially designed and configured to perform under extreme conditions, and even when communication links are poor. Under such conditions, the most important information – such as the actual location of personnel – is automatically prioritised.

One of the key differentiators of this software solution lies in the interoperability of the separate components within the SITE product suite, as a result of SITE Communication. This is a data communication software capability that automatically shares tracking of personnel, marine and aviation assets and other equipment, providing asset status as well as transfer sheets. SITE Communication is implemented via any appropriate data networks available on site, including radios, SATCOM, GPRS and other similar devices and technologies.


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With wind farms constructed in increasingly harder to reach sites, our customers are seeking more cost effective, and readily deployable solutions for maintaining health and safety at the highest possible level. There is a greater awareness of people in the wind industry operating in harsh environments, so it is essential that communication- and tracking systems have the ability to function everywhere and all the time.

Our offshore products fit perfectly into the ongoing development in the wind industry that entails wind farms far from civilisation, larger components and bad weather conditions. The mantra of ensuring that everyone going out, also comes home, is the main focus of Systematic’s offshore software for administration and planning (SITE Planning), tracking (SITE Situation) and on-site communication (SITE Operational).


Systematic has delivered high quality software and services since 1985. We specialises in software for situational awareness and are delivering these solutions to over 40 countries and 100,000 users worldwide. 

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