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Digitalisation and secure solutions

Systematic software helps provide security and stability for much of the financial infrastructure in Denmark.

Systematic is a dependable, long-standing supplier of software that makes it possible to digitalise and simplify people’s interaction with the financial sector, ensuring better service, a higher degree of security and greater efficiency.

We’re deeply familiar with the financial sector and its workings, and know how to build software that makes it possible for our customers to provide strong, reliable solutions for the benefit of the many end users. Our software is currently used for contexts that include managing property transactions and property data in Denmark – a service that affects and benefits many users every day.

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We apply more than 30 years of experience in software solutions that make it possible for companies in the financial sector to keep costs down and service standards up.

Systematic is an agile, mature software company with proven results – we deliver on time and take responsibility for the whole development process, right from planning to commissioning.

To find out more about Systematic solutions for the financial sector, contact::

Jacob Rubens Stenderup 
Sales Manager
+45 8943 2000
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