IT solution gives overview of critical resources

The Danish Emergency Management Agency can easily achieve an overview of equipment with a solution developed by Systematic. This makes deployment of resources faster and limits damage caused by accidents

Intelligence & National Security, Public & Private

Cases Challenge

  • Inability to achieve an overview of critical resources and equipment 

Cases Solution

  • Resource Database, which detects and identifies resources
  • User-friendly and accessible system

Cases Benefits

  • Faster and more efficient effort
  • Ability to limit the damage caused in accidents


The need for an overview

A rapid response, deploying the correct equipment, limits damage caused by accidents and catastrophes. This is why rescue services must be able to see, as quickly as possible, where materiel, personnel and vehicles are located, and how long it will take to respond with any of these at a particular accident site.

Development of Resource Database

Systematic has developed the Resource Database for the Danish Emergency Management Agency (Beredskabsstyrelsen) in order to provide just such an overview. The system is a fast way of making the available resources visible to all relevant rescue services, law enforcement agencies, civilian authorities, private sector organisations and defence forces.

High accessibility

Staff from all appropriate professions, regardless of their situation or location, can search the Resource Database. It is easy to install on PCs, regardless of operating system, and can be used with no previous training.

Learn more about the Danish Emergency Management Agency

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