Communication and interaction

Enterprise integration gives our customers the opportunity to increase organisational efficiency by ensuring that the correct information is available at the right place and time. This is achieved by enabling communication between people, machines and computers through a complete integration of different systems.

We are working to break down organisational barriers in order to improve synergy within companies so that a company’s goal is achieved more efficiently and effectively.

Systematic focuses on both technical and organisational aspects when working with enterprise integration.

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A tool for every problem

We work with a wide selection of products and methods so that we can choose the right tool to handle the customer’s specific issue. 

The toolbox consists of both products and our own methods of agile development.


  • Productivity increases
  • Greater customer insight
  • Easier to share information and knowledge
  • Improved security - hence only one system needs maintenance
  • High quality in the integration, regardless of the type of systems.




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Take benefit from our experience

Enterprise integration at Systematic is about ensuring that all involved parties have the same view of the task and that the developed components are regularly tested. It is our experience that it is precisely this organisational aspect which is essential for successful integration. Systematic has therefore based a number of processes upon CMMI5, in order to ensure the optimal organisational foundations for an integration project.

Systematic has extensive experience in implementing both simple and extremely comprehensive enterprise integration projects. This has been achieved for organisations such as the Danish Defence, intelligence agencies, the National Danish Police, organisations in the financial sector and in several public sector locations.


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