Our focus on continuous delivery concerns improving the process of developing software solutions 

Systematic takes responsibility for ensuring that software developed operates efficiently and with high reliability through continuous delivery. We work closely with both Danish and foreign suppliers of IT infrastructure in order to ensure that customer achieve the best and most financially advantageous solution to meet their needs.

This is done by using techniques such as test automation, continuous integration and implementation, which contributes to the development of software as a high-quality and simple product which can be quickly packaged and installed. In this way, through continuous delivery, we create the opportunity for providing improvements and bug fixes to the customer quickly.  


  • Faster deliveries to end customers; i.e. reduced time-to-market 
  • Clear division of responsibility – one supplier needed for operation and development
  • Opportunity for significant operational savings by exploiting cloud-based solutions or standardised offerings from host suppliers
  • Increased quality and security throughout the IT supply system.




Simultaneous development and operation

The overall objective with continuous delivery is to ensure our customers receive a better IT service through increased agility and quality in development and operation. In order to ensure this, Systematic has further developed its delivery format so that operation and development are coordinated.

Through continuous delivery, Systematic seeks to innovate and improve the entire supply system, which is advantageous for both users and customers. Systematic cooperates with both private and public clients in regard to this service, among others.


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