Cloud hosting reduces operating costs

Moving solutions into the cloud creates new opportunities. For NorFor, a shared Nordic cattle feed evaluation system, cloud computing has significantly reduced operating costs

Public & Private

Cases Challenge

  • Renewal of an operating agreement
  • Achieve an agreement that meets service requirements at a competitive price

Cases Solution

  • Convert the solution to enable cloud hosting
  • The solution is used by a number of Nordic countries

Cases Benefits

  • Better performance than the service level agreement
  • Operating costs reduced by 50 %
  • Greater flexibility


Cloud hosting creates better business

NorFor is a shared Nordic feed evaluation system for cattle, i.e. an IT solution used to optimise cattle herd diet. It is used by farmers and consultants throughout the Nordic region. When the system’s operating agreement was due to be renewed, Systematic saw the opportunity to create a better business for NorFor by migrating the application to “the cloud”.

Large reduction of operating costs

The solution involved updating the existing NorFor system to operate in a cloud-based environment as well as subsequently hosting it. This has resulted in a reduction of more than 50 % of NorFor’s operating costs.

Among other things, cloud hosting has contributed to:

  • Significant reduction in operating costs 
  • Availability that exceeds targets
  • Faster time-to-market

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