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Water is a key resource, and a prerequisite for life. In our part of the world, we regard access to clean drinking water as a natural part of our daily lives. Few of us think about the processes the water goes through between being pumped up from underground and being piped to consumers, or from when it leaves households and businesses to be sent back to treatment plants and processed so that it can be returned to the natural cycle. During these processes water can be wasted or negatively impacted – and this is where Systematic can help to make a difference.

Water companies collect huge volumes of data about the water they supply and treat, and when Systematic works with water, it is primarily our expertise within the field of data processing, data analysis and presentation that comes into play. 

We have many years of experience at transforming data into useful and easy-to-understand knowledge that helps users make well-informed decisions based on solid data.

In our work with the water companies’ big data, we use business intelligence, machine learning and artificial intelligence, but it is the experience of the people who design and use the models as well as their understanding of the modelled domain that determines whether the data processing creates value. They are the ones who will be making the critical decisions based on data and their own knowledge. 

A number of water companies and companies operating in the water sector have already realised the value of working with Systematic on intelligent water solutions, and we are currently involved in a number of exciting projects:


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One Water Data Platform

Two large Danish water companies – VandCenter Syd in Odense and Aarhus Vand in Aarhus – have access to large volumes of data, but it is spread across various data islands. In collaboration with Systematic, the two companies are engaged in a project to bridge the data islands, and to bring the data and ensure that it is translated into knowledge that can be used effectively in day-to-day operations – but also to share experience between the companies.

The One Water Data Platform will enable data sharing, and thus contribute to the innovation which is needed to address some of the challenges facing society, such as the growing volumes of wastewater generated in cities and climate adaptation. 

Press release: Water companies develop joint water platform

One Water



The Danish Water Cluster

Systematic is part of the Danish Water Cluster, an association of Danish water companies and businesses which, through innovation and technological development, aims to support growth and exports and create results with a significant societal and commercial impact.

This ties in perfectly with Systematic’s competences within the field of data science and the Internet of things (IoT). 

Learn more about the Danish Water Cluster (In Danish) 



Analysis of water pipe breaks

Another exciting project which Systematic has already contributed to is a pilot project on breaks in water pipes. Together with Aarhus Vand and VandCenter Syd, we have collected and analysed breakage data and subsequently created a very precise model for predicting future breaks in water pipes. This knowledge allows water companies to replace pipes before breaks occur, thus preventing water from being wasted. 



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