Wind farm software 
for effective marine coordination


Marine coordination efficiency

With SITE, you can delegate tasks related to personnel induction by utilizing the self-service wizard that you can access via browsers on any device. You can also achieve efficiency gains in the transport planning process because SITE makes it easy to both create new and re-use existing plans. Because plans are continuously updated, vessel captains are always informed about possible changes to transport plans which minimises time waste.

SITE provides the option of handling multiple windfarms in a single system, seamlessly sharing vessels, helicopters, and personnel data between wind farms. 

Process compliance

SITE enables a seamless process for granting work authorization and managing access to assets and locations. You must meet the requirements set by HSE, Quality, and GDPR with any plan execution, and SITE provides digital support to ensure and document compliance with mandatory processes. Personnel inductions and certificates are automatically checked with every assign to transport and all personnel data is stored in a GDPR-compliant database architecture. 

SaaS solution simplifies deployment and operation

Delivered as ‘Software as a Service’ and hosted in the cloud, SITE is based on a GDPR-compliant database architecture that provides maximum levels of IT security and scalability.

With its open system architecture and standard interfaces, SITE gathers data from AIS, ADS-B and radar sources and presents it in a user-friendly manner. Through the open API, SITE can integrate with larger IT ecosystems, and e.g. advanced planning systems can submit transfer requests and retrieve data for executed transports. 

Multiple communication channels

Information and situational awareness only has value if you can deliver or access it at all times. The SITE software suite offers digital communication on any combination of satellite, 4G/LTE, TETRA, and DMR links. The field-proven SITE protocol ensures that all data packages are transmitted correctly even with low bandwidth, high latency TETRA links. This uniquely capable data communication infrastructure means the right people always have access to the right data, ensuring maximum safety and operational continuity.


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Multi Vin

Multi windfarm

Plan and execute for multiple windfarms in a single system

Asset And People Tracking

Track people, vessels, and helicopter location

Map display with integrated tracking and search functions



Database architecture and hosting service designed to protect private data

Open Archutecture

Open architecture

Import data feeds from third-party systems, and export for data-driven process optimisation

Self Service Induction

Self-service induction

Easy to use induction and certificate upload from WINDA on any device that supports a modern web browser

Reporting And Journaling

Efficient transport planning

Auto-check for induction and certificates of all personnel assigned to transport plans.
Re-use of plans. 

Superior Communication

Multiple redundant communication

Low bandwidth infrastructure and offline communication capabilities ensure reliable data and communication regardless of conditions


Rights to access planning

Rights to access planning

Seamless process for granting work authorisation and manage access on wind farm map 


Integrated software platform for use in wind energy installations

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SITE Suite Feb20

SITE Planning SITE Situation SITE Work Authorisation SITE Terminal SITE Mobile SITE Induction