Self-registration system makes sure all personnel are properly inducted to the health and safety regulations of each particular wind farm, and hold valid certificates as required for their job role


SITE Induction provides effective self-service induction and registration so that offshore personnel are able to carry out all relevant induction and registration procedures by themselves – either from home, from an office or while in transit. SITE Induction is a web-based solution designed to work equally well on any kind of desktop or mobile digital device.

SITE Induction makes sure all the required information is available in an up-to-date form, including profile data, next of kin and job-specific info, as well as a wide range of appropriate certificates and photos.

This reduces the administrative workload for coordinators as well as helps making sure the data about personnel with access to wind farms is accurate.

SITE Induction also makes sure only personnel who have passed relevant induction tests are granted admission to each specific wind farm.



Each employee can carry out self-service induction
from home or while in transit