Simple solution designed for operational use by individual workforce users, supporting access approval for entire offshore wind farms as well as individual turbines



Keeping track of offshore wind farm personnel locations is crucial to safety. But often, the workflows are manual, and the data is quickly outdated due to interruptions or lacking systems integration.

With SITE Mobile, all that changes as in-the-field wind farm personnel can register their onshore or offshore locations through a web app on a mobile device. This results in an automatic update of the situation overview, giving the Control Centre a reliable and up-to-date situational picture of personnel locations.

The SITE Mobile application offers a simple and easy-to-use interface for the individual worker in the field. Requesting access to onshore assets or registering an offshore transfer is checked online against the approved tasks and plans on a wind farm.

Whether located on a vessel, helicopter or other asset, it allows the user to have close coordination with the Control Centre via a 4G connection or WIFI and to be an integral part of the SITE solution.

SITE Mobile can be accessed from Android as well as iOS-based mobile phones and does not require installation.



SITE_reg _location _new


SITE_updated _location _new


The solution offers:

  • An application for requesting access to onshore assets via a web app for mobile use on smartphones.
  • An application to register planned offshore transfers to assets via a web app for mobile use on smartphones.
  • Integration with SITE Induction for simple authentication of workers.
  • Integration with SITE Planning for validation of tasks against predefined plans.

Access and validation

Upon entering a means of transport, workers can request access by using the ‘access request’ functionality. The application automatically suggests the planned locations, according to the approved tasks or plans.

For onshore, access requests are validated against the defined tasks on the specific assets. For offshore, SITE Mobile validates against the defined transport plans in SITE Planning.

The flows for leaving an onshore or offshore assert respectively are customised to the different needs for tracking. In the offshore case, a new location is required as people need to be tracked until they are onshore. In the onshore case, it is enough to register the leave as it is only the access to the assert that needs to be registered.