Effective planning of transport activities and transfers ensures that all such activities  – as well as the vessels, aircraft and other resources involved – have the necessary approvals, licences and certification



The SITE Planning module is a highly effective administration tool that helps coordinators manage wind farms, people and transport operations more smoothly and cost-effectively, as well as streamlines high-cost transfer planning processes that often involve a large numbers of subcontractors.

SITE Planning also makes sure that personnel are properly inducted to the health and safety regulations applicable for each particular wind farm and are in possession of valid certificates for their specific assignment and job role.

The system automatically gives warnings about any attempts to plan using improperly qualified personnel, and the module helps coordinators make sure any means of transport booked has the approvals, certification and permissions necessary for transporting personnel as well as cargo.







Marine coordinators use SITE Planning to register key information about assets, vessels, helicopters, cargo and people, as well as to plan transfers.