Scalable coordination provides marine coordinators with effective monitoring capabilities



The SITE Situation module provides enhanced real-time situational awareness that gives coordinators a clearer understanding of the entire operational situation and helps them make better-informed decisions. Ultimately, this means that personnel working offshore are safer and can work more efficiently.

The web-based capabilities in SITE Situation also mean that coordinators can effectively monitor multiple wind farms at the same time. Keeping reliable track of people, vessels and assets for each location increases safety, trims wind farm operating costs – both direct and indirect – and streamlines logistics.



SITE Situation provides an overview capability that gives coordinators as well as subcontractor managers
a complete, shared overview of any current operational situation.


Advanced information filtering enables each coordinator to easily adjust the situational awareness pictures to exactly match his/her changing operational needs, which reduces information overload, making it easier to make well-informed decisions and increase efficiency. 

Because it is web-based, SITE Situation can be integrated seamlessly with a wide range of other systems used in and around offshore wind farms. Its open architecture also allows for customised extensions and integration with legacy and third-party systems and services (such as weather services, ERP systems, etc.).