Maintaining health, safety and data compliance around wind farms is a complex and crucial aspect of offshore operations. Read on to learn more about how digitalisation can support marine coordinators in always staying compliant.




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Why is compliance important? 

Maintaining strict IT security is fundamental to both GDPR and HSE compliance in offshore operations where requirements often are comprehensive. 

What can you do? 

Ensure that all IT systems and all data handling live up to the current policies and regulations, and that digital tools are intuitive and easy to use for all employees.




A software management system that facilitates validation of crew member certifications and qualifications and delivers accurate people tracking are essential factors in maintaining compliance. Knowing the exact location of each individual crew member is no longer a nice-to-have; it is simply a need-to-have. HSE policies are often strict and automating processes and warnings can reduce the risk of errors and assist marine coordinators in remaining compliant.

Utility companies and offshore wind farms operate within the critical energy infrastructure where requirements for IT security are comprehensive. Of course, this needs to be reflected in a marine coordination system that can withstand any attempt of intrusion and where data should be handled in a manner that is GDPR compliant. Therefore, choosing a software vendor with high levels of IT security expertise is preferable, as well as selecting a data centre that supports requirements for availability and geographic/regional location.

Health and Safety is top priority when working with offshore operations. We strictly follow all policies and rules to obtain employee confidence and safe operations. All our software systems need to live up to this demand
and provide solutions for it


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Improve future offshore operations with wind farm software for 
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The SITE modular software suite provides reliable real-time situational awareness so that decision-makers and coordinators know the exact location and status of people, cargo and vessels at any given time and can track exactly what's going on, in order to make faster, better-informed decisions. Click the modules below to learn more.

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