A well-functioning induction process can make or break the effectiveness of marine coordination around offshore wind farms. Making self-service induction available to crew members is one of the first steps towards a more user-friendly and efficient set-up. Read on to learn more about why induction and certificate handling is so important to optimise. 




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Why is induction important? 

Constructing an offshore wind farm can employ more than 500 people from multiple contractors. Each and every one of them must complete induction and possess the required certificates before they can embark on their first trip offshore. Keeping track and records of this is vital to ensuring compliance with HSE requirements. 

What can you do? 

Use software tools that make it easy for workers to complete inductions without any help, and make it efficient for the coordinators to manage the induction process from the first invitation to the approval of personnel.


All crew members and personnel working at an offshore wind farm need to go through an induction program which ensures that everyone knows the rules of the specific offshore setting.

The induction program should be easily accessible and user-friendly for all types of personnel. Allowing personnel to go through training material via their mobile devices is a good example of this, as many job functions don’t have set locations and/or designated laptops.

Experienced personnel often will have a profile in the WINDA database with their GWO certificates stored under their profile. These individuals will appreciate when it’s easy to retrieve certificates from WINDA and transfer them for approval by the offshore windfarm they are contracted to work for.




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An effective planning tool is the core of a marine coordination system. It provides an overview of people, processes, plans and operations. It saves me a lot of time

During the pre-construction phase, the marine coordinator or assistant in charge of reviewing and approving people registrations will be faced with need to invite, review and approve inductions and certificates from hundreds to more than one thousand individuals. Tools to make them efficient in doing so will be key to delivering induction in a cost-efficient way, and to ensure that e.g. they do not overlook any expired certificates by mistake.

Once all inductions are completed and the offshore operations have commenced, the marine coordinator will need system support to proactively deal with personnel certificates that are about to expire. If they do not observe and act upon certificates that are close to expire, then suddenly the entire operation can face planning disruptions due to HSE policies enforcing that no-one is working offshore without valid certificates.

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Improve future offshore operations with wind farm software for 
effective marine coordination

The modular SITE software suite provides reliable real-time situational awareness so that decision-makers and coordinators know the exact location and status of people, cargo and vessels at any given time and can track exactly what's going on, in order to make faster, better-informed decisions. Click the modules below to learn more.

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