When working many miles off the coast, data connection can be challenged, resulting in data and important information getting lost or postponed. With a robust and digital communication setup, you can significantly stabilise communication capabilities.




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Why is reliable communication important? 

Reliable communication through data connection offshore is one of the most critical factors for fulfilling HSE policies with accurate people tracking and avoiding disconnected operations.

What can you do?  

Enable a digital communication infrastructure between people and devices at sea that utilises protocols that guarantee no loss of data, no matter the state of the communication links.


In harsh marine environments, it is a known issue that internet connections can be lost which creates a vulnerable situation for our people’s safety and operations.
We need to know that we are working with reliable and robust communication capabilities, even in areas where communication is not stable. This is a key differentiator for us in terms of selecting software tools and technologies


When data connection is challenged, it can result in important data getting lost or postponed. This is a critical situation that must be avoided at all costs, as it can result in a severe compromise of safety with an inaccurate overview of people locations or disrupted operations, resulting in wasting both time and money. A costly solution is investing in satellite communications. You can achieve a more cost-effective, but equally reliable data communication setup by implementing software protocols that can seamlessly switch between e.g. 4G and satcom. 

Using a 4G signal when it’s available and switching to TETRA, DMR or satcom when there is no 4G coverage. Being able to save or transfer data and important information is key to modern offshore operations, where digitisation can help to phase out voice radio communication which is time-consuming and takes away focus from the marine coordinators and captains. The practical issue of lost swipe events from RFID cards and the subsequent need for voice radio calls with every transfer becomes redundant with a robust and digitalised communications setup. With reliable and advanced digital communication tools, offshore operations become more productive, efficient and safe.


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A digital management tool for marine coordination should: 

  • Be compatible with and be able to distribute data on the available communication channels, e.g. all radio, TETRA, DMR, SatCom, 4G and Wi-Fi (always using the least expensive communication media).
  • Ensure low bandwidth infrastructure with offline capabilities. No matter which communication channel you choose, there is always a risk that the connection can fall out.
  • Make sure no data is lost and that all data will be transferred when the connection is re-established, delivering the newest and most important data first.


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effective marine coordination


The SITE modular software suite provides reliable real-time situational awareness so that decision-makers and coordinators know the exact location and status of people, cargo and vessels at any given time and can track exactly what's going on, in order to make faster, better-informed decisions. Click the modules below to learn more.

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