SemPAM - a turnkey communication solution for effective marine coordination


The SemPAM solution is designed to provide an integrated communication and people & asset management solution for companies working offshore. SemPAM includes the specialist SemPAM Dispatcher and SemPAM Tracking solutions, as well as the SITE software suite.

Developed in close cooperation with Semco Maritime, SemPAM is based on “off the shelf” products field-proven in mission-critical environments all over the world.

SemPAM is specially designed to function even on a low radio bandwidth and in low-reliability conditions, when there is no internet connection. SemPAM ensures voice and digital communication to the people offshore. They can be contacted at any time using standard operational mobile devices, so data and plans can be exchanged with offshore and onshore control centres via satellite and radios, ensuring that everyone works from the same situational picture.



The SemPAM solution significantly improves health and safety conditions for workers on offshore or onshore wind
farms by monitoring and managing a comprehensive range of day-to-day activities.


What SemPAM does

  • Establishes a people & asset management system that provides centralised as well as distributed support for multiple sites at the same time.
  • Manages people, vessels, helicopters and vehicles, as well as personnel transfers to and from sites, based on transport requests and access rights.
  • Provides effective coordination between vessels and other marine assets, helicopters, site vehicles and personnel, across all sites – both onshore and offshore.
  • Enables voice communication between personnel, vessels, helicopters and vehicles – both onshore and offshore.
  • Supports communication and sensor platforms at multiple sites, to ensure centralised situational awareness and radio communication.

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 The turnkey solution consists of:


SemPAM Dispatcher

Offshore voice communication between personnel offshore and in operations centres is vital to ensure safe and effective operations.
The fully integrated radio dispatcher solution makes it possible to tie different radio technologies into a single, shared interface, from which it is easy to communicate effectively and accurately with personnel located offshore.



SemPAM Tracking

The standard SemPAM solution is based on RFID topology for tracking and identifying individuals.

SemPAM includes a tracking solution that supports the SITE software suite.



SITE Situation

The SITE Situation module provides enhanced real-time situational awareness that gives coordinators a clearer understanding of the entire operational situation, and helps them make better-informed decisions. Find out more

Sempam SITE Situation


SITE Planning

The SITE Planning module is a highly effective administration tool that helps coordinators manage wind farms, people and transport operations more smoothly and cost-effectively, as well as streamlining high-cost transfer planning processes that often involve large numbers of subcontractors. Find out more

Site Planning Lille NY


SITE Terminal

SITE Terminal is a tablet solution with all the features specially developed so they're easy to use on a touchscreen. The module is designed for use in offshore service vessels to provide monitoring, coordination, controlling and tracking of people, means of transport and other key assets in and around wind turbines. Find out more



SITE Mobile

SITE Mobile is specially designed to provide each individual user with the same situational picture and situational awareness benefits from the larger-scale SITE solution, tailored to individual use on appropriate mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. Find out more


SITE Communication

The SITE software suite is a field-proven solution specially designed and configured to perform under extreme conditions, and even when communication links are poor. Under such conditions, the most important information – such as the actual location of personnel – is automatically prioritised.

One of the key differentiators of this software solution lies in the interoperability of the separate components within the SITE product suite, as a result of SITE Communication. This is a data communication software capability that automatically shares tracking of personnel, marine and aviation assets and other equipment, providing asset status as well as transfer sheets. SITE Communication is implemented via any appropriate data networks available on site, including radios, SATCOM, GPRS and other similar devices and technologies.


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Close cooperation with Semco Maritime

Semco Maritime is a world leading engineering and construction company in the offshore industry and has more than 30 years of experience in oil & gas, offshore wind or power generation. Over the last decade, they have built up expertise as a multi-disciplined Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor for the offshore wind projects.

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