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IRIS Suite

Message management: Control the complete value chain from definition to production to distribution to receipt of message

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Military Messaging

Operationally proven: In use by 100,000+ operators across the world.

Systematic is the world leader in military messaging, with 35+ years in the field. Our IRIS messaging system is combat proven and has become the de-facto standard in NATO member countries for interoperability and military messaging using agreed international MTF standards.

The software is a key component in the command-and-control capabilities of more than 50 countries worldwide.


Managing the communication flow

Being able to pass orders and reports back and forth is the cornerstone of all military operations. Interoperability between nations, services and equipment is a mission critical factor. To get any task dealt with correctly, everyone concerned has to be able to rely on messages being delivered to the right parts of the organisation quickly. It’s also important to place information within data structures that help recipients understand the contents clearly, so the right action can be taken.

Software for Military Messaging and Interoperability

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The IRIS Suite has revolutionised military messaging and interoperability in modern defence forces with its range of off-the-shelf software products. The software suite is combat proven and has become the de-facto standard in NATO member nations for interoperability and military messaging using agreed international Message Text Format (MTF) standards.

IRIS has been in service for more than 35 years and is used by more than 100,000 military operators in over 40 nations as part of numerous Command & Control (C2) and Military Messaging Handling Systems (MMHS).


The IRIS software suite provides strong military messaging and interoperability capabilities directly off-the-shelf. It integrates seamlessly into standard products, such as Microsoft office, to provide a user-friendly framework for drafting, editing and sending military messages.

The product suite for the military operator comprises IRIS Forms, IRIS Military Mail and IRIS Standards Management.

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IRIS Forms: Field-proven and off-the-shelf & de facto NATO standard

IRIS Forms provides a simple, structured method for preparing and validating military messages, orders and reports following NATO, US or national standards. With its modern and intuitive user-interface, military messaging has never been easier.

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IRIS Military Mail: Straight-forward, consistent and reliable information

IRIS Military Mail is a Microsoft Outlook plugin that upgrades Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange to a complete military message handling infrastructure. It gives you full support for military operating procedures.

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IRIS Standards Management: Avoiding ambiguous information

IRIS Standards Management defines, manages and analyses a range of structured information standards used in military systems to ensure great interoperability between different systems and with coalition partners.

For system integrators

IRIS provides off-the-shelf-products for systems integrators to easily and cost effectively incorporate MTF interoperability into Command & Control and Military Message Handling Systems. The product suite for developers and systems integrators comprises IRIS Forms Server, IRIS Information Mapping and IRIS MTF Gateway.

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