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juli 5, 2021

Systematic demonstrates MIP ‘bridging’, backwards compatibility at CWIX 2021

The event enabled participants to continue to explore interoperability, despite ongoing restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic

Under the Multilateral Interoperability Protocol (MIP) aspect of NATO’s Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXploration, eXperimentation, eXamination eXercise 2021 (CWIX 2021), Systematic successfully tested its MIP 4.3.1 SitaWare gateway prototype.

In addition to participating in the regular MIP 4 tests, the SitaWare MIP 4.3.1 prototype also acted as a bridge between MIP 4.3.1 and the legacy MIP 3.1 systems at CWIX. Furthermore, the prototype successfully tested the MIP concept of inter-version compatibility between MIP 4.3 and future baselines.

Due to restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s CWIX was forced to employ virtual test environments. Consequently, Systematic’s contingent joined CWIX 2021 remotely from the company’s headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark, and the event proved to be a successful one, according to Christoffer Hansen, a Systems Engineer who was part of the team.

“We were able to demonstrate the efficacy of the MIP gateway in bridging between the latest standard and MIP 3.1,” Hansen explains, “We validated that the information sent from a system using MIP 3.1 to one employing MIP 4.3.1 – through our gateway – was correctly received and displayed in their systems, and vice versa.”

Systematic’s MIP gateway is a key enabler for coalition operations, ensuring that countries operating with different versions of MIP can exchange information and interoperate. As long as at least one member of a coalition is operating with SitaWare Headquarters, a ‘bridge’ can be made to bring in countries using MIP 3.1 and different command-and-control systems.

As for the testing of backwards compatibility from the future MIP 4.4 standard, Hansen explains that “The MIP community developed a 4.4 demonstrator, and we were able to show how via our gateway data could be shared with MIP 4.3.1,” noting that Systematic were the only participants able to validate this concept.

For more information on the key themes and outcomes of CWIX 2021 click here.

Systematic’s team joined CWIX 2021 remotely from the company’s headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark

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