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Dominate the battlespace with comprehensive situational awareness and advanced C4I tools

The contemporary operating environment is more complex and challenging than ever before. Land components can be called upon to undertake a wide range of tasks, from humanitarian assistance and peacekeeping, to counter-insurgency operations and warfare with a peer adversary.

No matter what the task, it is essential that commanders are equipped with C4I systems that can deliver comprehensive situational awareness and mission management tools that ultimately provide an operational advantage.

Militaries must be prepared to conduct command-and-control under difficult environmental conditions and where communications will be contested. Mission success will depend greatly on the ability of systems to operate with flexibility, over limited bandwidth, and with only minimal latency. Given the coalition nature of modern warfare, interoperability with partner forces is also a must.

The SitaWare software suite is operationally proven and acts as a force multiplier at all levels of command and across the battlespace. With its built-in support for interoperability, SitaWare is the enabler for coalition and Joint operations.

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Tactical communications

Enhanced force protection, quick distribution of orders and messages, faster coordination and shared situational awareness.

Tactical data communication made simple

SitaWare Tactical Communications
SitaWare Tactical Communications

A fast and easy way to add effective data transfer to your tactical communications is to deploy SitaWare Tactical Communication - a modern, off-the-shelf communications software that makes data communication extremely simple and highly efficient.

Enhanced force protection, quick distribution of orders and messages, faster coordination and shared situational awareness. These are just some of the benefits of adding effective data transfer to the tactical communications of Battle Management System (BMS). However, data transfer over tactical radios is typically characterised by low bandwidth and intermittent connectivity and traditional communications software has often been too complex and too inefficient for realistic operational use.

SitaWare Suite - the interplay

This video gives you an insight into how the SitaWare Suite enables essential top-to-bottom communication.


Products & Services

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SitaWare suite

The SitaWare suite provides Command & Control to all levels of command, from top-level multinational HQs to the individual vehicle and soldier.

IRIS suite

The IRIS suite of military messaging software achieves interoperability through the use of military information exchange standards.


Systematic specialists have significant operational experience, with a pragmatic insight into real customer needs. Trusted solutions are created from such a detailed understanding of the military domain and from Systematic’s 25 years experience in developing and delivering mission critical solutions to the defence sector.

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