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Achieve battlespace dominance through interoperability, situational awareness, and a fully integrated force

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Battlespace dominance through situational awareness and interoperability

The contemporary military operating environment is more complex and challenging than ever before. Land components can be called upon to undertake a wide range of tasks, from humanitarian assistance and peacekeeping, to counter-insurgency operations and warfare with a peer adversary.

No matter what the task, it is essential that commanders are equipped with C4ISR systems that can deliver comprehensive situational awareness and mission management tools that ultimately provide an operational advantage. This includes the sharing of intelligence, plans, and orders across all levels of the chain of command.

Militaries must be prepared to deploy a command-and-control network under difficult conditions, where communications, bandwidth, and data availability will be contested. Supporting C4ISR from headquarters through to the tip of the spear enables enhanced awareness for commanders.

Mission success will depend greatly on the ability of systems to operate with flexibility, over limited bandwidth, and with minimal latency. Given the coalition nature of modern warfare, interoperability with partner forces is also a must, as well as the ability to integrate a host of data feeds from an array of sensor systems.

The SitaWare suite is operationally proven and acts as a force multiplier at all levels of command and across the battlespace. With its built-in support for interoperability, SitaWare is the enabler for coalition and Joint operations.

Systematic ensures the flow of information to ensure mission success in all roles, at all levels. (Source: US Army ADP 3-0)

Top 3 land domain challenges

  • All domain awareness
  • Communications
  • Interoperability

All domain awareness

Share plans, operational maps, and locations easily with SitaWare and IRIS to reduce battlefield confusion.


Communicate easily across tactical and strategic levels with SitaWare's communications suite.


Communicating across services, coalitions, and allies can be hard. We make it simple.

All domain awareness

Having full awareness of the operating environment is a key aspect of successful military operations. The ability to develop and change plans, rapidly update maps with friendly and enemy dispositions, and monitor surveillance feeds help to ensure nothing is left to chance.

With the SitaWare suite you can ensure all users in the chain of command have the greatest level of situational awareness, guaranteed. Friendly force positions can be easily tracked and synchronised with headquarters and nearby units, enemy locations added and communicated to all users, battle plans created and distributed, and intelligence disseminated.


Reliable and secure communications are a vital part of a C4ISR suite. Communications backbones across tactical and headquarter networks allow for enhanced force protection, rapid distribution of orders and messages, improved coordination, and shared situational awareness.

Scalable to support an array of data loads and bandwidths, the SitaWare suite comes with integrated tactical and headquarters communications systems to ensure that data, messages, and intelligence can be delivered in challenging environments and with very high levels of redundancy.


SitaWare and IRIS enable shared situational awareness across coalitions. Speak the same language as your coalition and allied partners through our employment of interoperability standards that simplify the sharing of the common operational picture for all stakeholders.

The IRIS suite supports messaging - from management and maintenance of standards to production of military messages to ensure the delivery of plans, orders, and situational updates easily. The SitaWare suite helps to deliver a common operating picture to friendly forces, allies, and partners through the use of 15 key military communication standards.

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