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Promoting the continuum of care across hospitals, communities and private homes

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We promote the continuum of care

At Systematic, we strive to enable the complete continuum of care across the entire healthcare provision chain and centred around the citizen. We aspire to bring together hospitals, doctors, municipal care providers and citizens to form one health journey.

Our solutions are developed to effectively support the workflows for caregivers, nurses, doctors, therapists, service staff and social workers across sectors and responsibilities. We secure interoperability throughout the caregiving process, allowing our users to focus on what is most important: Providing the best possible care.

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SitaWare Battlefield Health

The military medical solution that supports the healthcare needs of military personnel and their dependents.

Together we ensure higher quality of care

With our solutions, we create an open platform that supports the continuum of care and promote digital transparency at all stages of the health journey - whether it is in the hospital, at home, at the social services, in nursing homes, or in rehabilitaion. 

Built on the same platform, our solutions promote a higher level of care, treatment process, and data coherence across sectors, ensuring better data quality, increased patient safety, and improved collaboration.

How hospital solution helps porters get patients faster from A to B

Since December 2022, porters, nurses, and managers at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow have used Systematic’s Columna Flow Task Management. As a result, service staff can now complete their tasks without reporting back to their supervisor, saving both time and money.

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