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    September 18, 2019

    Central Denmark Region, Region of Southern Denmark and North Denmark Region collaborate on the electronic health record

    IT employees from Central Denmark Region and Region of Southern Denmark have chosen to collaborate on the electronic health record (EHR) and North Denmark Region will soon join them too.

    In an article from, Henrik Thuren, head of EHR at the It-department in Central Denmark Region, says that the Regions collaborate through the principle of ‘a common standard model with local flexibility’. Cross-regional collaboration on modeling is more cost-efficient as the healthcare content will be similar in the three regions. At the same time, the solution is flexible because the regions have the option to locally adjust the configuration to allow for local differences in processes and workflows.

    When North Denmark Region chose Systematic’s electronic health record, Michael Holm, CEO and founder of Systematic, said : “There are clear advantages for the regions that have selected Systematic’s system as the core element in their health care IT framework. First, it has been developed and planned in collaboration with the users. This means that it is thoroughly tested and it works. Hospital facilities in all the three regional authorities become users of the same solution, which means there is significant potential for synergies and cooperation”.

    Read the full article in Danish here.