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juni 19, 2019

UMC Utrecht uses tags and decentralised mesh network to enable on-demand dispatched equipment


Systematic has in cooperation with several suppliers facilitated a pilot at University Medical Center Utrecht with solutions to improve hospital logistics using Internet of Things.

Not knowing where things are can be inconvenient at best. In hospitals, not having wheelchairs, beds and infusion pumps available at the right time can impede the required daily care. But as patients are frequently on the move, keeping track of hospital assets proves challenging in practice.

University Medical Center Utrecht initiated the pilot project UFOund to tackle this problem in an user experience center. They first tagged their equipment and connected it to a mesh network. Then, they gave nurses and technical staff, through Systematic’s software, real-time information about the whereabouts of equipment.

The implementation of IoT solutions provides great insights and opportunities to optimise the hospital as well as the use of assets and staff.

Read more about the pilot project at UMC Utrecht in the case, here.