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    August 26, 2020

    Intelligent mobile solution helps stressed hospital doctors

    Together with Aarhus University and the university hospitals in Aarhus and Aalborg, Systematic is in the process of developing an intelligent call system which is designed to ease workloads and reduce stress among doctors working at the two hospitals.

    Hospital doctors continually receive calls on their pagers. This is stressful for the doctors, who are often interrupted in what they are doing, and at the same time it can be disturbing for the patient, who may experience a stressed and inattentive doctor.

    The problem is being addressed by the Hospital@Night project, which is being supported by Innovation Fund Denmark. The project involves developing an intelligent, mobile phone-based solution which replaces the doctors’ current pagers while at the same time improving their working conditions. In addition, the solution will ensure that patients have a more satisfactory hospital stay.

    The intention with the digital call system is to reduce the number of phone calls, give hospital doctors a better overview and to give them faster access to key patient data. Moreover, the system will enable doctors to better prioritise and organise their tasks. The aim is to replace the current pagers with smartphones.

    The project started in January 2020, and is expected to run until December 2022.

    The entire article is available (in Danish) here