SITE technology

Optimise operations with technologies of the future

  • More than marine management
  • Process automation
  • Modules

More than marine management

The fragmented ecosystem of IT surrounding offshore operations reflect the complexity and multitude of factors and stakeholders involved. Built with an open API, SITE is designed to easily integrate with almost any system you could think of. But it is much more than your average marine management system.

The winning combination of a best-of-breed intuitive user interface and an open API allows operators to utilize SITE as their central information hub, integrating a multitude of tools and information into one platform. This enables operators to manage key offshore wind farm information from a single software application, and drastically reduce system complexity in the control room.

Software as a service on a global scale

The SITE suite caters to leading offshore operators, oftentimes spanning multiple continents within one organization. Delivered as a fully scalable SaaS platform, SITE eliminates the hassle complex organizations experience when installing and implementing new software across multiple geographical locations. All the while living up to highest standards of cyber- and information security.

Man looking at a wind mill

With SITE, operators can execute marine coordination from their European bases, even when construction sites are placed in North America or Asia, or the reverse. SITE is simply delivered as software service from Azure data centres in the operator’s preferred location in regards to network latency and GDPR, regardless of where constructions sites and marine coordination centres are located geographically.

Process automation

The full power of SITE becomes apparent when operators implement the wide range of process automation capabilities available.

SITE: Process automation

Available automation include processes around personnel administration, planning, execution, and monitoring, and can improve process efficiency significantly, as manual copy/paste from one system to another is no longer needed. Process automation can also help ensure GDPR and HSE compliance, bring down the level of human errors connected to manual tasks, and support operational decision making, by utilising historic data.

The service work orders issued from your CMMS, e.g. SAP PM or IBM Maximo, should automatically show up with the operations or marine coordinator when they prepare the manifests for the week ahead. The REST API of SITE is the tool to build this type of systems integration.


SITE Situation

A powerful tool for monitoring, coordination and tracking of people, means of transport and assets.

SITE Work Authorisation

Automated workflows for requesting and grating work authorisations and custody.

SITE Mobile

Access request workflow for workers, without direct interaction with the control centre.

SITE induction

An effective easy to use self-service wizard.

SITE Planning

Administrative tool for coordinators in an office environment.

SITE Track

Software application for people location registration.