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A constant stream of data innovation

Data presents a key solution to the challenges facing the water industry. From prioritisation of investments in infrastructure to optimisation of sector-wide collaboration, efficiency, and innovation.

With our extensive data expertise, we help the water sector utilise valuable data to prioritise actions and enhance collaboration. No matter what we do, we lean on decades of proven experience and data specialisation that has enabled us to achieve a 99% on-time delivery rate across our projects.

Our water sector-based services are centred around three main areas.

Our Services

  • Data Spaces
  • Data Platforms
  • Data Consultancy

Data Spaces

stream of innovation

Unlock a Stream of Innovation

Positioned at the forefront of defining data spaces for the water industry, we enable data to flow freely across data points, platform configurations, and organisations within the sector. As part of the Water Valley Denmark collaboration, Systematic plays a key part in defining and implementing nation-wide data spaces that will connect utility companies, start-ups, authorities, universities, and research communities.

By linking all relevant actors across the sector, the project will boost overall innovation and collaboration – and enhance the value derived from IoT devices. 

Data Platforms

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Clear Insights

By building custom data platforms, we structure your data to help free up internal resources and increase efficiency. Our end-to-end data management approach ensures that your data are stored, processed, analysed, and presented exactly how you need them to be.

The architecture of your data platform is tailored to your data strategy and built to match your needs for specific tools and services. The result is a secure, flexible, and future-proof platform built to scale.

Data Consultancy

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Add A Drop of Data Expertise

We offer a wealth of data consultancy services specifically for the water sector; from ad hoc consultancy to long-term advisory on specific projects. Our dedicated data consultants help infuse speed, creativity, and quality to your solutions and sector-specific data challenges. We advise on both strategic and tactical levels across technologies including cloud, IoT, BI, AI, and analytics – infusing innovation, new business opportunities, or simply powering existing processes.

By engaging our consultancy services, you not only ensure a valuable outside-in point of view. Our leading data competencies can help drive your project successfully from start to finish line – or simply enrich specific processes with new inputs and expert advice.

Water Valley Denmark

Water Valley Denmark is a unifying Danish initiative for the development and innovation of solutions for the water industry in Denmark. Systematic is proud to play a key part in the ‘Water Data Space’ project which will create an open data eco system for companies surrounding the water industry; enabling new insights, business models, and efficiency.


Pioneering Innovation with Pilot Projects

water pipe

Predicting Pipe Leakage

By collecting and analysing data, this pilot project has helped major water companies create a precise model for predicting breaks in water pipes.

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