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november 8, 2019

SitaWare Headquarters chosen for Australian Army’s Track Management Capability


The operationally proven command-and-control system will provide the Army with advanced situational awareness and force tracking capabilities.

The Australian Army has selected Systematic to deliver its interim Track Management Capability (TMC).

The programme will see Systematic’s best-in-class SitaWare Headquarters solution equip the service with a range of advanced command-and-control (C2) capabilities.

TMC is focused on providing coalition interoperability to Army by consolidating information from Battle Management Systems (BMS) to produce the Common Tactical Picture and Recognised Ground Picture, and provide coalition interoperability, among other functions.

The programme underscores the service’s forward-thinking approach to modernisation, explains Systematic’s Vice President for the Asia-Pacific Region, David Horton, “SitaWare supports the Chief of Army’s desire to become a Joint and integrated force supporting ‘accelerated warfare’ by placing C2 at the centre of the service’s capabilities. In providing TMC, SitaWare offers advanced situational awareness and unmatched interoperability.”

“TMC will also incorporate aspects of data fusion and track correlation, for which SitaWare’s ability to draw upon multiple data sources makes it uniquely suited to the task,” Horton notes.

Interoperability is at the core of SitaWare’s architecture, enabling forces to work within Joint and Coalition environments. TMC will further this capability, using SitaWare’s Variable Message Format (VMF) Gateway module.

The VMF Gateway leverages work Systematic has undertaken in conjunction with the Australian Army’s Land Network Integration Centre (LNIC) and enables users to seamlessly convert VMF data to and from Multilateral Interoperability Programme (MIP), NATO Friendly Force Information (NFFI), Over-The-Horizon Gold (OTH-Gold), and Link 16 formats.

TMC will be rolled out at relevant deployed headquarters across the Army, operating at brigade level and above. The Deployable Joint Force Headquarters is the first element to field TMC. The versatile capability is designed to operate on a range of platforms, including the Royal Australian Navy’s Canberra-class landing helicopter dock vessels, which form the backbone of the Australian Defence Force’s amphibious capability.

SitaWare Headquarters successfully supported the combined Australian and United States training event, Exercise Talisman Sabre 2019, and is scheduled to provide the C2 component in a number of upcoming trials and exercises.


Contact: Huw Williams, Defence Communications Specialist, [email protected]
+44 1276 675533

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