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April 4, 2024

Visit from the Vice Chief of the German Army

The German Army and Systematic have a long-standing relationship, central to which is the digitisation land-based operations (D-LBO); an integral part of the modernisation strategy of the Bundeswehr.

Last week, we were honoured with a visit from the Vice Chief of the German Army in Aarhus. Lieutenant General Andreas Marlow was hosted for the day by Chairman of the Board Michael Holm, CEO Nikolaj Bramsen, and Managing Director of Systematic’s German subsidiary Sven Trusch. 

LtGen Marlow was keen to hear how major NATO countries use SitaWare to collaborate and command their armed forces, as well as sharing vital battlefield information. He also used the time to understand the best practices that could be derived for use in the German Army.

The Bundeswehr recently signed a contract with Systematic for the provision of a seven-year maintenance agreement that will ensure their SitaWare Software is kept up-to-date with the ever-evolving product roadmap.

In the Bundeswehr, SitaWare is implemented cross-sectionally as the Mission Enabling Service Bundeswehr (MESBw) the German army being the biggest user. The MESBw offers a uniform software ecosystem for all domains, which forms the backbone of the Bundeswehr's digitisation. The SitaWare Suite products are then seamlessly integrated into the existing system landscape.

Sven Trusch said: “This visit demonstrates the strength of our relationship and the commitment we have made to ensure the digitisation and modernisation of the Bundeswehr. It was a pleasure to host Lt Gen Marlow and show him behind the scenes of our headquarters.”

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