Soldier in a using SitaWare CBRN module in a vehicle

SitaWare CBRN module

Combining CBRN with command-and-control capabilities to provide shared situational awareness

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Elevate CBRN reporting and warning


Enhanced incident response

The SitaWare CBRN module rapidly disseminates incident information to reduce exposure and mitigate threats.


Rapid decision-making

Elevate situational awareness to streamline the response to CBRN incidents with speed and precision.


Assured mission security

The SitaWare CBRN module delivers CBRN-related information accurately and securely.

Key benefits

The SitaWare CBRN module provides you with standardised CBRN reporting and warning, ensuring usability across forces and multi-domain operations.  

The ATP-45 CBRN procedures are implemented using several standard formatted messages. The SitaWare CBRN module uses NATO APP-11 (AdatP-3) implementation of messages to support the CBRN reporting, analysis, and warning workflow, including:  

  • CBRN 1: Initial detection / measurement report 
  • CBRN 2: Evaluated data report 
  • CBRN 3: Immediate warning of expected contamination or hazard area 
  • CBRN 4: Detailed measurement report 
  • CBRN 5: Areas of actual contamination 
  • CBRN 6: Amplified status reporting 

The SitaWare CBRN module seamlessly integrates with the SitaWare suite of command-and-control system, enhancing situational awareness and CBRN incident reporting throughout your operational area. This integration empowers your forces to swiftly report, analyse, and issue warnings to units facing potential CBRN incidents.

The use of CBRN weapons can deliver a significant shock, impacting deployed and headquarters troops. Swift responses, delivered through a user-friendly interface that provides accurate information, can assure users that they are fully informed about incident impact. Similarly, military forces can bring valuable co-ordination, response, and planning capabilities to civilian decontamination operations. 

The SitaWare CBRN module benefits from supporting interoperability by following standard procedures from ATP-45 as input to C2. This allows SitaWare to be vendor neutral when combined with specialist CBRN detection, measuring, and reporting assets, simplifying the process for tracking and monitoring CBRN events. 

Accelerate CBRN reporting

Pre-formatted report components allow the swift and efficient distribution of CBRN information.

Optimise decision-making

The SitaWare CBRN module provides detailed and digital real-time information on CBRN threats.

Enhance situational awareness

With continuous updates from the battlefield, the SitaWare CBRN module improves situational awareness.

Support mission interoperability

The SitaWare CBRN module facilitates efficient communication, ensuring interoperability.

Reduce risks

Precise and digitalised data on CBRN threats and developments provides a detailed risk assessment.

Benefit from a fully integrated suite

The CBRN module integrates with the SitaWare suite to streamline CBRN planning and response with C2.  


As a module to our operationally proven SitaWare suite of products, the SitaWare CBRN module ensures the rapid exchange of data and intelligence during critical CBRN events.

Key features

  • Efficient incident reporting
  • Visualised warnings and notifications

Supporting all battlespace users during a CBRN event, the CBRN module for Systematic’s SitaWare suite enables smooth reporting of CBRN events, as well as the immediate response, containment, and remediation operations.

We have outlined some of the key features of the module below, and how it can improve your CBRN alerting and response processes. Feel free to contact us for a demonstration on how it can be used as part of your SitaWare solution.

Efficient incident reporting

  • Benefit from pre-formatted report components that facilitate swift responses to CBRN incidents, reducing the burden on deployed troops in high-stress situations. 
  • Submit CBRN reports using the structured messages available in the APP-11 message catalogue. 
  • Send rapid incident notifications with CBRN 1 initial detection reporting. 
  • Deliver in-depth hazard assessment with accurate CBRN 4 detailed measurement reporting. 
  • Provide comprehensive data analysis using the precise CBRN 2 evaluated measurement data reporting. 
  • Use the comprehensive CBRN 6 amplified status reporting for a detailed incident overview. 

Visualised warnings and notifications

  • Utilise CBRN 3 warning area and CBRN 5 hazard area for a detailed understanding of threat areas. 
  • Use the map-based display of warning and hazard area to provide a visual representation of potential threats and affected zones, enabling quick and informed decision-making during CBRN incidents. 
  • Provide a visual representation of the expected hazard arrival times with the map-based display of ETA prediction, allowing units to take proactive countermeasures to safeguard themselves.  

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