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The operationally proven C4ISR system that offers a comprehensive toolset for commanders across domains

  • Operational advantage through advanced C4I tools
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Operational advantage through advanced C4I tools


Ensure coalition interoperability

SitaWare builds strong coalitions and joint environments through advanced interoperability capabilities.


Make quick and accurate decisions

Advanced C4ISR tools allow for fast exchange of information and a full appreciation of the battlespace.


Integrate for a complete solution

SitaWare increases operational flexibility with an open architecture for customised extensions.

Key benefits

SitaWare Headquarters is the operationally proven C4ISR solution that delivers superior tactical communication, unmatched inter- and intraoperability, and situational awareness across the battlespace. The battle management system allows all levels of command to exchange vital information and extensive plans within own, coalition, and joint battle networks.

SitaWare Headquarters is part of the SitaWare Suite and can be integrated seamlessly with all other Systematic Defence products, such as SitaWare Frontline, SitaWare Edge and SitaWare Maritime. However, the solution is built on an open architecture that allows for customised extensions and integration with legacy and third-party systems, furrther increasing the operational flexibility.

C4ISR across the battlespace

Enabling all levels of command to coordinate operational actions across land, air, and maritime forces.

Friendly force tracking

Reducing the risk of fratricide with real-time tracks and comprehensive situational awareness.

Collaborative planning

Supporting both co-located and cross-site collaborative planning, distributed directly to deployed forces.

Holdings reporting and aggregation

Enabling staff officers to estimate operational capability and planning sustainment.

Tactical chat and structured messaging

Building one connected network that allows sharing on both low- and high-bandwidth networks.

Joint and coalition interoperability

Increasing the operational tempo with top-to-bottom interoperability across all echelons of command.

Key features

  • Situational awareness
  • Maps of the environment
  • Collaborative planning
  • Information-sharing

SitaWare provides advanced Command & Control and Battle Management capabilities right out of the box, including the all-important interoperability that enables nations to exchange battlespace information with coalition partners.

Below we have gathered some of the most important features in SitaWare Headquarters. We are also more than happy to give you a live demo of our solution and discuss how you could benefit from SitaWare.

Situational awareness

  • Visualise the Joint COP
  • Build the Land, Maritime and Air Picture effectively using automatic track correlation and fusion
  • Visualise the Air Control Order (ACO) and Air Tasking Order (ATO)
  • Build and visualise function specific pictures e.g. Intel, Logistic, Fires, ASW
  • Show videos from UAVs or other mobile platforms
  • Provide overview of unit combat readiness
  • Provide overview of unit holdings and logistics status
  • Receive information from other national/coalition systems and sensors using a wide range of interoperability standards
  • Monitor the situation using filters and alarms e.g. guard zones

Maps of the environment

  • Support for a wide range of satellite, vector and tile maps using both offline map data and online map data (WMS and WTMS)
  • Visualise the ground terrain in both 2D and 3D
  • Visualise the sea using sea charts (s-57 and s-63)
  • Visualise weather such as wind, air temperature, precipitation, cloud cover on top of the map
  • Visualise environmental conditions such as visibility, wave height, sea temperature, salinity, sea current on top of the map
  • Analyse the terrain using geo-tools such as area of sight, highest point, line of sight
  • Overlay a wide range of geo data on top of the map such as critical infrastructure and demographics

Collaborative planning

  • Support collaborative planning across all staff functions
  • Support both co-located and cross-site collaborative planning
  • Support parallel planning on multiple levels at the same time
  • Support the entire Military Decision Making Process (MDMP)
  • Create multiple Courses of Action (COA)
  • Perform wargaming sessions
  • Perform effective order production


  • Build one connected network from Tactical Communication mechanism
  • Synchronise COP data automatically between sites and organisations
  • Synchronise and obviate data automatically between distributed operation centers (e.g. main/rear or primary/alternative)
  • Share on both low- and high-bandwidth networks
  • Build mesh network with built-in redundancy (no single point of failure in network)
  • Send plans between organizations
  • Support highly mobile operation centres (e.g. leap frogging use cases)
  • Distribute files as attachments in chat or as part of objects on COP
  • Use filter functions to only send what is needed
  • Support for a wide range of NATO and US interoperability standards for sharing information

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