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At Systematic, contributing to society and the green energy transformation comes naturally. It is a question of using our knowledge and competences to shoulder a shared responsibility. We operate within and create solutions for the offshore wind energy and water supply sectors. 

Offshore wind

The wind energy sector is developing faster than ever before. This demands a lot of the operators, who are heavily dependent on having a clear overview and efficient working processes. We supply turnkey software solutions to support logistics and planning in the offshore wind power industry. Read more about SITE, our solution for the offshore wind power industry.

As with most of the solutions we develop at Systematic – whether they’re for the healthcare, defence or energy industries – it is vital that they are reliable in all conditions and that IT security is top-notch. We are pleased with the confidence that Ørsted has shown us by selecting the Systematic solution for coordinating marine activities in conjunction with Ørsted offshore wind farm operations

Flemming Thomsen

Group Senior Vice President, Systematic

Intelligent water solutions

Intelligent Water Solutions

Water is a key resource and Systematic supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal of ensuring availability of clean water and sanitation for everyone. We do so by participating in projects that ensure intelligent use of data and maximum utilisation of natural resources.