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We invest in our employees

At Systematic, we never stop developing - we believe in fostering a culture of continuous learning and development. Our commitment to our employees' career growth is reflected in our concrete investment in the diverse opportunities and supportive environment we provide so they can grow their skills, knowledge, and competencies throughout their careers.

Whether a software developer, a project manager, or a support specialist, we work in an environment that supports professional and personal aspirations.

Systematic uses a set of clear career tracks to help employees through a structured promotion process with yearly development and performance talks during their tenure. Each track is supported by learning activities that assist the promotions.



  • By doing
  • Conferences, courses and certifications
  • E-learning
  • Knowledge Networks
  • Mentoring
  • Systematic Academy

Promotion Process

  • Transparent and objective process
  • Carve out your career path with management support
  • Initiate promotion dialogue with your manager
  • Discuss career goals in the yearly development talk

Career Tracks

  • Based on international standards
  • Multiple role levels on each track
  • Specific competencies required per level
  • Specific behaviour tied to each level
  • Set business results required per level

Learning never ends

A strong element in the continuous learning in Systematic is on the job training and learning – employees are asked to take on things new to them and supported by team members and management. This could be new technology, domains of knowledge, as well as process roles like Scrum Master and Feature Lead. In many cases they are also supported by the relevant knowledge networks and mentoring.

We provide and encourage a wide range of activities for continued learning.

Courses & certification

We invest heavily in training our employees to ensure they have the latest knowledge and skills. We offer a variety of training courses, both internal and external, covering topics such as technical skills, project management, communication and leadership.
Our training programs are tailored to the employees’ needs and goals. We conduct regular training needs assessments and competency gap analyses to identify areas where our employees can improve or expand their skills.
We also recognise the importance of having certified and qualified professionals on our teams. We support our employees seeking professional certifications relevant to their roles and domains. We cover the costs of the certification exams and provide study materials and guidance for our employees.



Employees are encouraged to attend conferences, seminars, and workshops to stay current with industry trends and best practices. Some also attend these conferences as keynote speakers.



We use e-learning to deliver educational content and enable flexible access to courses. We offer access to a range of industry-standard e-learning providers, and employees can suggest and use others where they have identified specific needs.


Systematic Academy

Each role-based training regime has a role-specific structure, covering the onboarding programme for new employees, mandatory training activities, and optional training designed for each role.

Knowledge Networks

We believe that knowledge sharing and learning from each other are key to our innovation and excellence. We have established various knowledge networks within Systematic, where employees exchange ideas, experiences and best practices with their peers and experts.

Our knowledge networks organise regular events, such as webinars, workshops, hackathons, case studies and guest lectures, where our employees can learn new things, showcase their work, and get inspired by others. Our knowledge networks also facilitate online communities, where employees can ask questions, share resources, and collaborate on projects.


We believe that mentoring is a powerful way to support the personal and professional development of our employees. A mentor guides and shares expertise with a mentee, focusing on their personal development. Our mentors are experienced and respected professionals who volunteer to share their insights, advice and feedback with their mentees. Our mentees are motivated and curious employees who seek to learn from their mentors and advance their careers. Systematic offers mentorship for specialist roles and new employees or those in new roles, fostering growth and sparring.

From Software Developer to Project Manager

For Stefanut, moving from developer to project was the just the right move, and he has not looked back. Moreover, at Systematic there are many opportunities to explore where your passion lies. “Advancing may require patience, but you can definitely seek out plenty of opportunities to learn. For example, developers can pursue the architect route, focus on stakeholder dialogue or become feature owners. Getting involved in employer branding projects or sharing your knowledge internally or externally are also great ways to reflect and learn. And it all helps you grow.”

 Software Developer and Project Manager Stefanut at work at Systematic Development Center, Romania

Defined career tracks

Systematic employees and managers use career tracks as a foundation for their development plans and to inspire employees to support their career development continuously. The career tracks in Systematic are based on international standards for evaluating positions.

Employees are actively encouraged to use the career-track tools to research and prepare their yearly development talk, continually addressing their careers and promotion opportunities.

Each career track contains role levels, e.g., junior, senior, lead, chief, and principal. Each level has a required set of competencies, behaviour, and business results that need to be met to warrant a promotion to the level in question. While each level has different tasks, responsibilities, competencies, etc., the essence of the track is maintained throughout every level.

Structured promotion process

Systematic pursues a transparent, consistent, and objective promotion process based on well-defined career tracks to ensure that employees are met with equal opportunities.

The process encourages employees to suggest promotions to higher levels in their career tracks. They then collaborate with their managers to identify the actions for the promotion in question—how to raise their competencies, behaviour, and business results to the levels required for the career track level. This could be in the form of learning, training, certification, and securing of certain business results.

The employees and their managers use the yearly development talks and follow-up talks, working together so the employee reaches their goals and, thus, promotions.

Internally mobile organisation

Career development is also supported by an Internal Mobility Programme – it gives employees the opportunity to explore new career opportunities while developing their skills and learning new ones - maybe even in another country.

Within the programme employees can initiate and follow, with management support, a clear process to clarify whether a move within the company to another business unit or another career track is possible. If possible, the employee is then assisted with necessary learning activities to facilitate the move and entrenchment in a new are or role.

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