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Our social culture

A one-of-a-kind workplace

A social culture we value 

We believe that a fulfilling work experience goes beyond professional challenges at Systematic. It's about the camaraderie, the traditions, and the connections we build with our colleagues. Our culture thrives on a shared sense of purpose, and we're passionate about making a difference inside and outside the workplace. Here's a glimpse into our social workplace. 

Room to be personal

At Systematic, our culture is all about the people, the traditions, and the shared experiences. We are more than just employees; we are colleagues united by our passion for what we do and our commitment to each other's well-being.

Our colleagues have many different passions, and we want to support them. There are, among many other things; sports clubs, game nights, and wine clubs - and you are always welcome to start a new community around your passion.

Traditions and events

Our cherished traditions and events reflect our commitment to nurturing a strong team spirit and a sense of togetherness. The Systematic Employees Club puts a lot of work and effort into guaranteeing great social offers such as events, annual parties and company sports - and they organise almost 100 social/professional events annually. From family-friendly celebrations to thrilling physical challenges, we ensure there's something for everyone to enjoy.

• 3 Annual Parties: Our annual Spring Party, Late Summer Party and Christmas Party are the highlights on our social calendars. We use the parties to unwind and connect with colleagues in a fun and informal setting.

• DHL Relay Run: We like a good physical challenge, and the DHL relay run is a perfect opportunity to showcase our teamwork. We join forces, push our limits, and demonstrate our commitment to working together, even outside the office.

• Friday Bar every Friday: Every Friday afternoon, our Friday bar, Spacebar, is open for all colleagues to get together and unwind over cold beverages. Once a month, we also have an extended Spacebar with themed drinks, good food and extended hours for socialising.

• Christmas Celebration for the Whole Family: Each year, we come together with our families to celebrate the holiday season in style. It's a time for laughter, classic Christmas goodies, a visit from Santa himself, and creating lasting memories.

Inside Systematic

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