Headway – Systematic’s women’s network

Because diversity is a business driver

Systematic’s women’s network, Headway, focuses on equity in career opportunities for women in our organisation. For both junior and senior profiles – across specialist and leadership tracks.

Headway is an equally aspirational and approachable community. A forum for sharing, listening, and acting on change.

Lasting impact

Headway offers inspirational keynote talks from notable women in business and culture. A room for important discussions. And an opportunity to discover new paths for internal career mobility.

It is a manifestation of our dedicated diversity efforts and a key driver to build a stronger, more inclusive business – across all our 13 locations.

Headway provides an opportunity for the women of Systematic to work together to make an impact to last for years to come. And a chance for our female talents to truly manifest our leading employer promise; never stop developing.

Anne Bloch Østergaard

"To us, equal opportunity is the only option. Research shows that inclusive teams in high-diversity environments perform significantly better compared to uniform teams. At the same time, we fundamentally believe that everyone should have access to the same opportunities – regardless of gender or sexuality.”

Anne Bloch Østergaard
Group Senior Vice President & Headway Network Leader

Why we created Headway

Headway was created to ensure that Systematic is the preferred IT company for female talents at all stages of their careers. To promote curiosity, courage, and comradery – and to provide a chance to be part of something bigger.

Systematic already has ambitious gender diversity goals, but ambition is nothing without action. Headway is our spearhead to lead the change and ensure that we walk the walk.

Today, we are heavily involved in promoting women in business. From our commitment to the Confederation of Danish Industry’s Gender Pledge to our strategic goal of ensuring that Systematic is modern and attractive in the eyes of top talent in our industry.

We are already making strides. However, there is lots to do before we reach the finish line, and we won’t stop until we are there.

International Women’s Day 2023

At Systematic, we are celebrating International Women’s Day 2023 by focusing on female colleagues who have chosen a career path in IT in the hope they can inspire more women to follow them.

A space for all women

Headway is open to all the women of Systematic – at all our 13 locations. When you join Systematic, you receive an invitation to be part of the network on your first day. The network is driven by a core group of network ambassadors, and anyone can apply to be part of the group. The network meets several times a year and hosts breakfast sessions in between for networking and follow-ups on important discussions.

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At Systematic, we believe that a line of code created with intelligence and innovation can advance societies, boost businesses, and change lives for the better.

When you join us, you become part of a world-wide community of dedicated colleagues. People driven by passion and the opportunity to truly make a difference – where it matters the most.

Our culture is people centric, and we thrive when working side by side. We value personality as much as professional competencies. So, while our teams are diverse and international, we are guided by the same values. No matter our role.