Culture and values

Our quality of work is constant – culture is what sets us apart

People are the single most important part of Systematic. We are a uniquely social company, and we sincerely enjoy spending time together. Professionally and personally.

Our culture is fostered by values that guide us in our everyday work. When working together and when interacting with our customers.

Trust is an essential part of our DNA. From day one, we trust that you are the best person for the tasks you have been given. Because of that, we operate with few rules. Instead of dull corporate rulesets, we would rather rely on a strong culture that guides us in our everyday doings.

Our shared values

Who you work for should reflect what you stand for. Our values play a key part in everything we do.


Making a difference

We are a creative company that stands out from the crowd.



Our company is built on personal and professional integrity.

Freedom with responsibility

We believe and trust in all the people we work with.


We strive to do the right thing in the right way.

Contributing to society

We contribute to the development of the places we call home.


We utilise our resources consciously and wisely.

We are not looking for employees – we are looking for colleagues

Success is best when it is shared. We believe great teams can achieve great things. At Systematic, you always have a wingman or woman ready to help you through the most challenging tasks. Work is not just about your assignments. It is also about having lunch with close teammates, enjoying a beverage in our Friday bar, playing foosball, or engaging in a match of paddle tennis. To us, the combination is the secret ingredient to a great workday and even better results.

Inside Systematic

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