Working in Systematic Defence

In Defence, you find dedicated software developers, product development & management professionals, UX designers, engineers and more who, in close collaboration with our subject matter experts (former Army, Navy and Air Force), are dedicated to creating the world’s best command and control (C2) software.

The Defence division is the largest of Systematic’s business units, counting more than 400 colleagues across ten worldwide locations with development centres in Aarhus, Bucharest and Copenhagen, and additional sales offices in Abu Dhabi, Australia, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, and the UK.

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What we do in Defence

As the leading provider of advanced defence software, we empower military commanders with unmatched command and control capability – across all allies and domains.

Our core product for the defence sector is SitaWare, the world’s most used command and control (C2) system, currently adopted by 50+ worldwide customers - including most major NATO countries and NATO partner countries.

Building such advanced command and control software is highly complex and brings lots of great technical challenges for our developers of the codebase, ensuring its stability, reliability, and scalability, while needing to create interfaces that seamlessly integrate vast amounts of data from diverse sources, all while operating within constraints such as limited bandwidth.

When working in our Defence unit, most likely one of the products within the SitaWare Suite will be your focus:

  • SitaWare Headquarters – used by commanders in fixed or mobile headquarters and in joint military operations centres.
  • SitaWare Frontline – mobile system installed on touchscreens in vehicles.
  • SitaWare Edge – a hand-held system used on a mobile phone carried by infantry soldiers on the ground.
  • SitaWare Insight – intelligence solution for analysis and decision support, which is used as part of SitaWare Headquarters. SitaWare Insight gathers and compares data from a myriad of sources. The solution also uses AI, for example for identifying different objects and deviations in well-known patterns.
  • SitaWare Aspire – digital training, simulation and educational platform that provides realistic and hands-on experience using the SitaWare suite.
  • SitaWare Battlefield Health – an integrated and specialised military health system that manages health data and improves patient care for a soldier - from enlistment to deployment and as returning veterans.

Get a glimpse of our Headquaters-team using SitaWare products in a team exercise

Wondering what it is really like working in Systematic Defence?

Building software as advanced as our SitaWare suite is highly complex and brings lots of great challenges for our developers. Being challenged and solving complex problems that require a high level of responsibility, a strong - and continuously improving - skillset and collaboration with colleagues is indeed part of our Defence division's daily life. And according to our developers, this is the essence of what makes them tick!

But don't just take our word for it - dive into a range of articles and videos below, where Defence colleagues share their views, insights, and experiences to truly bring to life the essence of what it is like to work in Systematic Defence: