Working in Healthcare

In Healthcare, you find some of the most skilled e-Health professionals in the world. We are a diverse group of software developers, project managers, e-Health experts, former nurses and social workers, business developers and more, who are all dedicated to creating solutions that support the continuum of care and promote digital transparency at all stages of the health journey.

The Healthcare division is the second largest of Systematic’s business units, counting more than 260 colleagues across our international offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Finland, Romania, and the UK.


Users covered by our solutions


Customers across 8 countries


Highly skilled e-health colleagues to collaborate and improve with

What we do in Healthcare

In Healthcare, we want to lead the change towards a true continuum of care across the entire healthcare provision chain, centered around the citizen.

With our Columna solutions, we unite hospitals, communities, care centres, and the citizens' private homes to promote streamlined, safer, and improved care.

Our smart and open software solutions are developed on the same platform to effectively support the workflows and collaboration between caregivers, nurses, doctors, therapists, service staff and social workers across sectors and responsibilities. We secure interoperability throughout the caregiving process, allowing our users to focus on what is most important: Providing the best possible care.

Developing exceptional e-health solutions requires an exceptional understanding of emerging technologies and future trends. Since healthcare is a field with no room for error, our solutions must bridge innovation with proven methods and international standards to deliver safe solutions and day-one value.

When working in our Healthcare unit, you can expect to work on one of the following products within our Columna suite:

  • Columna CIS: Optimal physician productivity and effectiveness through complete management of clinical data
  • Columna Flow: Streamlined hospital workflows for improved and cost-efficient patient care
  • Columna VitalShare: Integrated data capture from medical devices for quick, confident and consistent care
  • Columna Cura: The electronic care record that ensures efficient documentation and optimal task management of community care services
  • Columna Citizen: The telemedicine solution that ensures secure home-based patient management and automated remote care

Get a glimpse of how Columna Flow Task Management helps porters get patients faster from A to B

Wondering what it is really like working in Systematic Healthcare?

Developing exceptional e-health solutions like our Columna suite is highly complex and brings lots of great challenges for our developers. Being challenged and solving complex problems that require a high level of responsibility, a strong - and continuously improving - skillset and collaboration with colleagues is indeed part of our Healthcare division's daily life. And according to our developers, this is the essence of what makes them tick!

But don't just take our word for it - dive into a range of articles and videos below, where Healthcare colleagues share their views, insights, and experiences to truly bring to life the essence of what it is like to work in Systematic Healthcare: