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SitaWare Frontline

Comprehensive situational awareness & unmatched tactical communications

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Battle management for the mounted commander

On the modern battlefield, the ability to outmanoeuvre and get inside an adversary's decision-making cycle is critical to mission success. The provision of accurate, clear, and current information enables commanders to shorten the OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) loop and be assured that the mission critical decisions they make are correct.

SitaWare Frontline provides commanders with comprehensive situational awareness and force tracking, along with advanced planning and geo-analysis tools, effective chat and messaging, and a host of features that ensure that the system is easy-to-use and delivers an operational advantage.

The software operates seamlessly with other members of the SitaWare suite, ensuring that commaders at all echelons have the latest battlefield information. 

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Along with comprehensive situational awareness, SitaWare Frontline delivers a range of mission management and planning tools that give commanders an operational advantage. Furthermore, as part of the SitaWare Suite, SitaWare Frontline is compliant with the latest standards, making it fully interoperable with other systems, coalition partners and NATO member countries.

SitaWare Frontline works together with SitaWare Headquarters and SitaWare Edge to provide a unified command-and-control system from the dismounted soldier through to the highest level of command.

Product benefits

  • Tactical situational awareness
  • Two part design

The contemporary operating environment is arguably more diverse and complex than it has ever been, but one aspect of warfare that remains constant is the priority that commanders place on force protection. Central to this is the provision of accurate and up-to-date force tracking information, whether that be of friendly forces, an enemy, or 'green' elements.

SitaWare Frontline is designed by and for frontline commanders operating in austere environments.

Tactical situational awareness

SitaWare Frontline is a breakthrough in battle management software that offers clarity, simplicity and high performance capabilities that address real-world C2 challenges on the battlefield. It has been designed by and for frontline commanders operating in austere environments. A clear operational view with rapid updates of friendly force tracking (FFT) is absolutely essential for commanders. SitaWare Frontline has been built with deployment and in-theatre management in mind.

Two part design

SitaWare Frontline has a unique two part design: a user application containing the battle control system, and a vehicle application which interfaces with existing communications equipment, onboard management systems and sensors. This enables users to plan and execute missions in both static and mobile environments, easily implement change of location of command and, if necessary, destroy mission data in an emergency, while the separate vehicle application both simplifies both the installation and upgrading of the vehicle software.

Key product features

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Responsive design

Responsive design ensures optimal interaction and user experience on both Android mobile and tablets. Menus and tools adjust according to portrait or landscape – and screen resolution.


Enhanced user interaction

Same user interface for both SitaWare Edge and SitaWare Frontline to make the shift between products intuitive and reduce the need for training. UI is based on principles from civilian apps to ensure familiar interaction.

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3D map display

Option to view the map in 3D mode. SIT symbols and FFTs are displayed above the ground to maintain situational awareness. Geo tools are displayed in 3D mode. And more.


Friendly Force Tracking

FFT is a central part of SitaWare Frontline. The FFT picture is available automatically to all members of the radio network across subnets and the wide distribution is performed by SitaWare Tactical Communication.

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Full symbol alignment

Frontline utilises the same map engine as SitaWare Headquarters and SitaWare Edge = Full symbology alignment as well as unified symbol interaction.


Integrated chat

Improved chat interaction flow. Either full screen or as a side panel on the map. Maintain full situational awareness while monitoring received messages. User interface aligned across the SitaWare Suite.

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