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SitaWare Headquarters

Interoperable C4I system for the headquarters staff

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SitaWare Headquarters

Collaboration across the battlespace.

Complex operational environments demand quick and accurate decision making. They also require the exchange of vital information within the coalition and Joint battle net. It is vital that the operational headquarters staff have the most advanced command and control tools available in order to filter out irrelevant information and get a full appreciation of the battlespace.

With SitaWare Headquarters commanders gain comprehensive C2 and situational awareness across the battlespace.

Product benefits

SitaWare Headquarters delivers comprehensive C2 and situational awareness across the battlespace.

  • Benefits with SitaWare Headquarters
  • Seamless Integration
  • Coalition and Joint interoperability

Benefits with SitaWare Headquarters

Seamless Integration

SitaWare Headquarters is a powerful and scalable C4I system that offers an accessible, easy-to-use yet comprehensive toolset that increases operational flexibility and reduces deployment time while providing extensive interoperability.

SitaWare Headquarters is part of the SitaWare Suite. It can be integrated seamlessly with all other Systematic Defence products. Its open architecture allows for customised extensions and integration with legacy and third-party systems.

Coalition and Joint interoperability

SitaWare offers some of the strongest interoperability capabilities on the planet. It is your hub for both coalition and Joint interoperability. The SitaWare Suite offers support for a wide range of modern military and civilian data communication standards ensuring full interoperability across Joint environments and with your coalition partners.

Key product features

Explore some of SitaWare Headquarters key features. If you are interested in more information, please contact us to book a demo.

  • Situational awareness
  • Maps and the environment
  • Collaborative planning
  • Share information

SitaWare Headquarters' open architecture and public interfaces enable customised extensions and integration with legacy and third-party systems. Combined with SitaWare Frontline (mounted battle management system) and SitaWare Edge (dismounted battle management system), SitaWare Headquarters offers an integrated C4I system enabling all levels of command to share situational awareness and coordinate operational actions.

Situational awareness

  • Visualise the Joint COP
  • Build the Land, Maritime and Air Picture effectively using automatic track correlation and fusion
  • Visualise the Air Control Order (ACO) and Air Tasking Order (ATO)
  • Build and visualise function specific pictures e.g. Intel, Logistic, Fires, ASW
  • Show videos from UAVs or other mobile platforms
  • Overview unit combat readiness
  • Overview unit holdings and logistics status
  • Receive information from other national/coalition systems and sensors using a wide range of interoperability standards
  • Monitor the situation using filters and alarms e.g. guard zones

Maps and the environment

  • Support for a wide range of satellite, vector and tile maps using both offline map data and online map data (WMS and WTMS)
  • Visualise the ground terrain in both 2D and 3D
  • Visualise the sea using sea charts (s-57 and s-63)
  • Visualise weather such as wind, air temperature, precipitation, cloud cover on top of the map
  • Visualise environmental conditions such as visibility, wave height, sea temperature, salinity, sea current on top of the map
  • Analyse the terrain using geo-tools such as area of sight, highest point, line of sight
  • Overlay a wide range of geo data on top of the map such as critical infrastructure and demographics

Collaborative planning

  • Supports collaborative planning across all staff functions
  • Supports both co-located and cross-site collaborative planning
  • Supports parallel planning on multiple levels at the same time
  • Supports the entire Military Decision Making Process (MDMP)
  • Create multiple Courses of Action (COA)
  • Perform wargaming sessions
  • Effective order production

Share information

  • Tactical Communication mechanism that builds one connected network
  • Automatic synchronization of COP data between sites and organizations
  • Automatic synchronization and redundancy of data between distributed operation centers (e.g. main/rear or primary/alternative)
  • Sharing on both low- and high-bandwidth networks
  • Mesh network with built-in redundancy (no single point of failure in network)
  • Send plans between organizations
  • Supports highly mobile operation centres (e.g. leap frogging use cases)
  • Distribute files as attachments in chat or as part of objects on COP
  • Filter functions to only send what is needed
  • Support for a wide range of NATO and US interoperability standards for sharing information

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