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SitaWare CBRN – integrated CBRN response

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SitaWare CBRN module – integrated CBRN response

Built on more than 25 years of specialised knowledge and combat-proven C4ISR experience, the SitaWare CBRN module allows all levels of command to exchange vital information and extensive plans when responding to CBRN events within own, coalition, and joint battle networks.

In this flyer, you can learn more about:

  • How an integrated C4ISR platform improves responsiveness and decision-making during critical CBRN incidents
  • How the SitaWare suite can integrate ATP-45F and AEP-45 reporting into a command environment easily
  • How the system supports rapid warning and reporting across the battlespace

Download the flyer below to explore all the capabilities and benefits of the SitaWare CBRN module, and how the system provides you with superior CBRN responsiveness for all domains.


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