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  • 1. Strengthening Naval Capabilities
  • 2. Global Showcases and User Engagement
  • 3. Expansion of Partnerships and Collaborations
  • 4. Testament to Security and Reliability
  • 5. Global Expansion and Endorsement
  • Looking Forward

December 12, 2023

A Year in Review: Systematic Defence's 2023 Highlights

As we bid adieu to 2023, it's time to reminisce about the achievements and contributions Systematic Defence has made within the realm of defence technology.

Over the past year, Systematic has stood at the forefront of innovation, collaboration, and global defence partnerships, marking significant milestones that have reshaped the landscape of C4ISR systems, and fortifed SitaWare’s position as the world’s number 1 C4ISR solution.

As well as continuing to build partnerships with forces across the globe, behind the scenes our technical teams have spent more than 300,000 hours innovating and shaping the product to be a future-proof solution that will significantly speed up decision-making.  Using technology such as AI, Systematic continues to push the envelope for investment in our customers and products. So, here’s a look back at some of the key highlights:

1. Strengthening Naval Capabilities

Towards the end of the year, Systematic embarked on a groundbreaking venture by securing a contract to provide the German Navy's future F126 frigate programme with the National Maritime C2 Service Bundeswehr (NMC2S Bw). This transformative initiative, in collaboration with DXC Technology Deutschland GmbH, enhances the Bundeswehr's operational capabilities by integrating SitaWare Headquarters, Maritime, and Fusion, crafting an unparalleled maritime Command and Control (C2) system.

The Royal Navy (RN) also renewed the contract for the long-running support for leadership of the development of Message Text Formats (MTFs), and production of the NATO Message Catalogue (APP-11), covering the full spectrum of warfare from grand strategic through to individual units from all services making logistics requests.

2. Global Showcases and User Engagement

Systematic exhibited at 18 major shows across the globe, demonstrating SitaWare’s capability and the many reasons 50+ nations have chosen it as their C4ISR solution of choice. New markets included DSEI in Japan with support from across the business.

Global teams from our Services teams have also supported customers with exercises across the world – from the US to Australia to Romania, Latvia, the UK, and Ireland. Furthermore, user forums in New Zealand and the UK facilitated insightful discussions and built on existing partnerships, showcasing the suite's adaptability, the continuing innovation from our product teams and success stories in varied environments.

3. Expansion of Partnerships and Collaborations

Poland's adoption of Systematic's SitaWare suite for its M1 Abrams main battle tanks underscores the suite's versatility and efficacy in modernising defence capabilities. Systematic UK also signed a contract with the British Army for 1400 new Headquarters licences, allowing for use by all the British Army’s brigades and divisions, in addition to those formations such as the Corps headquarters that are already using it.

Additionally, collaborative efforts with Janes, evidenced by the MoU signed at DSEI London, exemplify Systematic's commitment to integrating cutting-edge intelligence sources into its C4ISR technology as part of SitaWare Insight, promising enhanced decision-support tools.

4. Testament to Security and Reliability

Systematic’s commitment to cybersecurity was recognised through the Cybersecurity Tools certification from the US Department of Defense. This certification positions SitaWare Headquarters, Frontline, and Edge on the Department of Defense Information Network's Approved Products List, underscoring the suite's robust security measures.

5. Global Expansion and Endorsement

The Danish Department of Defence signed a 20-year framework agreement with Systematic, symbolising a long-term commitment and ensuring the widespread implementation of the SitaWare Suite across the Danish Armed Forces.

The Bundeswehr also took a leap forward in its digitalisation transformation programme with the signing of a significant framework agreement with Systematic. The new agreement, which is a seven-year maintenance contract, represents a major milestone in the digitalisation efforts of the Bundeswehr, as it will ensure their SitaWare software is kept up-to-date with the ever-evolving product roadmap.

And in Asia Pacific, the Australian Defence Force confirmed its intention to down-select elements of the SitaWare suite of battle management software (BMS) to support the first Tranche of LAND 200 Phase 3 project. Under Tranche 1, Systematic has been asked to tender its SitaWare Headquarters and SitaWare Frontline BMS to support command-and-control (C2) functions for the Australian Army.

Looking Forward

As Systematic Defence reflects on a year replete with achievements, the future beckons with even greater promise. The team’s dedication to innovation, along with a customer-centric approach and unwavering commitment ensures that 2023's triumphs serve as stepping stones toward a more secure and technologically advanced defence landscape in 2024.