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April 24, 2019

Finnish Defence Forces to upgrade C2 network


The innovative network capability will be enhanced with Systematic’s latest command-and-control software.

The Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) are set to receive upgrades to their command-and-control (C2) network in the form of Systematic’s latest SitaWare software.

The full SitaWare suite – SitaWare Headquarters, SitaWare Frontline, and SitaWare Edge – is already employed by the FDF as part of the network and the service’s plan to upgrade to the latest versions brings a host of capability enhancements.

The FDF’s advanced communications network is operationally proven across a number of mission sets and provides a scalable, out-of-the box capability.

“SitaWare has been in service with the FDF for more than five years,” explains Colonel Eero Valkola, Inspector of Signals, “As part of the C2 capability it has supported units operating around the world on UN and EU missions, among others.”

“The FDF employs SitaWare for a variety of roles and often in innovative ways, learning from their experience has certainly been beneficial in the development of the product,” notes Merja Annala, President of Systematic Oy Finland, “The FDF’s decision to upgrade its C2 systems with the latest SitaWare versions is testament to the utility that the software has provided to the service around the world.”

“As operators of all elements of the SitaWare suite the FDF are able to benefit from the advanced command-and-control and situational awareness capabilities that the software brings,” Annala explains, “Dismounted personnel, mounted units, and command post elements can share the same operational picture, whether that be on an Android device for the SitaWare Edge solution, a vehicle-borne laptop, or on more established infrastructure in a CP.”

In FDF service SitaWare operates via satellite communications, enabling the picture on the ground to be accessible across all command levels – higher echelons based in Finland, for example, are able to see the disposition of all elements, down even to the individual dismount deployed in theatre.

The upgrade provides a range of new features, including a map mode with 3D functionality in SitaWare Headquarters. This enables users to switch from the standard plan view into a 3D format whilst maintaining the same information and planning overlays. Further improvements include a declutter tool, better search functionality via a new tagging feature, and an enhanced record and replay capability that will offer improved debriefings and after-action reviews.

SitaWare Frontline now benefits from a new Guard Zone function that is designed to enhance force protection by enabling dangerous areas to be designated and displayed on the interface, as Guard Zone is also a feature of SitaWare Headquarters, higher levels of command can designate or see the dangerous areas.

Further new features in Frontline include a declutter tool, a Cursor on Target capability that enhances situational awareness, and an option to concurrently display two video feeds from external sensors.


Huw Williams, Defence Communications Specialist, [email protected]
+44 1276 675533

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