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April 6, 2018

Systematic delivers Management System for the Danish Army


Systematic delivers a Management System to SitaWare Frontline and SitaWare Edge for the Danish Army.

Systematic will deliver a new management system to SitaWare Frontline and SitaWare Edge that will support the Danish Army in handling, administrating and deploying all operational tablets on their tactical network. The overall solution consists of several specific elements that combined provide a fully equipped deployment system.

The deployment system ensures that all BMS and ABMS tablets provide the Danish Army with the best operational capability possible. The intention behind the solution is to establish an easier and more efficient approach to managing devices, which is a response to the booming number of tablets, Gauri Heise, Program Manager at Systematics says:

“Previously, the Danish Army relied on manual processes when managing their devices, but with the new management system, the Danish Army can from now on rely on an automated and much easier procedure for utilizing mobile devices and sharing information.“

With the new management system, the Danish Army is given the opportunity to improve many current existing issues including configuration management of software installations and updates while they are provided with a great overview of the large number of Android and Windows tablets. It also removes the complex technical aspects of managing devices, which ultimately means that commanders and soldiers can solely focus on the operational usage. In addition, the solution supports the Danish Army in updating existing work processes, while establishing new processes that will ensure that they take full advantage of all resources.

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