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Air Domain C4I

Command-and-control in the air domain is arguably more challenging than any other. Operations are conducted at a high tempo and commanders draw on large volumes of often disparate and complex data in making their decisions. The advent of fifth generation aircraft and proliferation of ever more sophisticated weapon systems is only adding to the difficulties that commanders face.

The ability to develop a comprehensive and clear picture of the battlespace can be a force multiplier for commanders and is critical to ensuring the safety of assets and the effective application of resources.

With multinational operations the norm rather than the exception, interoperability with partners and exchanging critical mission data is also a must.

Domain expertise

Meet our Air Domain Director and former Chief of the Royal Danish Air Force, Major General (Retd) Henrik Røboe Dam and get a sneak peek into the future of SitaWare Air.

Interview with Air Domain Director, Major General (Retd) Henrik Røboe Dam

SitaWare Air

Collaborative planning, flexible tools and a dynamic approach

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SitaWare in the Air Domain

Systematic’s SitaWare Headquarters software presents commanders with a detailed, 3D appreciation of the area of operations and displays information in a clear and easy to understand format.

The software can draw on a wide range of data in generating the Recognised Air Picture, including aircraft tracks from ADS-B, radar data, environmental and weather overlays, and air traffic control information, among others.

Furthermore, leveraging SitaWare’s proven utility in the land and maritime domains, air component commanders can easily gain a comprehensive understanding of these domains and access information that can be critical to their missions, such as the location and capabilities of ground-based air defence systems.

Selected product highlights

Enhanced situational awareness through SitaWare Headquarters

3D Recognised Air Picture

Enhance situational awareness by generating a 3D Recognised Air Picture that draws on multiple data sources, such as ADS-B tracks.

Improved safety through weather information

Environmental and weather overlays (WMS)

Improve flying safety and assess the operational impact of weather and other conditions by overlaying environmental and weather information.

Altitude parameters for airspace control

Import and visualise Airspace Control Orders

Display airspace control means information – such as altitude parameters – from an ACO as 3D objects, with 2525C MIL-STD graphics.

Filter system for relevant mission information

Air Tasking Order and Airspace Control Order map filter

Focus on the relevant parts of the ATO and ACO - SitaWare features a filter system that enables operators to choose the relevant mission information for display.

Matrix for task planning and synchrinisation

Synchronisation & planning

A flexible matrix supports long- and short-term task synchronization and planning.

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