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Ensure air superiority with an advanced C4ISR solution designed for speed of action and decision-making

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Air superiority

Command-and-control in the air domain is arguably more challenging than any other. Operations are conducted at a high tempo and commanders draw on large volumes of often disparate and complex data in making their decisions. The advent of 5th generation aircraft and proliferation of increasingly sophisticated weapon systems only adds to the difficulties that commanders face.

SitaWare Air is our state-of-the-art C4ISR solution. Its ability to develop a comprehensive and clear picture of the battlespace can be a force multiplier for commanders and is critical to ensuring the safety of assets and the effective application of resources. And for multinational operations, interoperability with partners and exchanging critical mission data is crucial.

Top 3 air domain challenges

  • Legacy systems
  • Speed of action
  • Interoperability

Legacy systems

Expensive, aging systems quickly become obsolete in a modern operating environment.

Speed of action

Data must be sifted, processed, and analysed quickly and efficiently for precise speed of action. 


Alliances are ever more important for air operations amid the threat of major war.

Legacy systems

The dilemma of whether to replace or upgrade legacy systems when operating state-of-the-art fighting equipment is one that most nations will face. Yet as the nature of war evolves, and competition becomes even more fierce, it is technology that will provide the upper hand.

An inability to integrate with alliance partners or to capture and process data at the speed required for modern operations is a key vulnerability. Assessments of legacy systems should examine their adaptability; can they be upgraded with new functionality? Can they communicate and share data with other systems? And is it interoperable? 

The SitaWare suite's battle management software supports a wide range of interoperability standards, such as NATO Friendly Force Information (NFFI) and Multilateral Interoperability Programme (MIP), enabling commanders to share selected elements of their plans and situational awareness information with coalition partners.

It can also include the location of coalition forces in the shared friendly force picture and provide coalition forces with the location of own units, significantly reducing the risk of fratricide while increasing mission effectiveness.

Speed of action

Air operations require lightning speed reactions based on precise, reliable data. Ever-advancing equipment allows access and exploitation of the air domain, but it is the mastery of technology that provides that competitive advantage. The advent of potential peer and near-peer conflict has increased the operational tempo across all domains, but it is in the air where the speed of interaction can be the decisive factor.

Data received from a variety of military and civilian sources needs to be processed quickly and efficiently if commanders are not to be overwhelmed. A 5th generation air force in which airpower is characterised by a flexible use of military force and rapid information, requires 5th generation technology to match.

SitaWare Insight's ability to handle vast volumes of complex data will streamline and speed up decision-making processes, acting as a force multiplier for commanders. It is designed to bring big-data storage, processing, analysis, and dissemination to the SitaWare suite, thereby supporting intelligence staff procedures and significantly enhancing the overall command-and-control capability of the suite.


The air domain is a complex, fast-paced operating environment that presents a multitude of challenges for commanders. Missions are swift and multi-faceted, often requiring input and coordination from a range of military and civilian partners. And within the modern operating environment of peer and near-peer threats, multi-national alliances and task forces have never been more essential.

The air domain has traditionally been a multi-national environment, and the ability to communicate effectively therefore is crucial – systems must integrate across a variety of standards and sensors and information must be fast, seamless, and universally understood.

The SitaWare suite communicates with virtually any other system and is designed to handle a wealth of interoperability standards. Forget the traditional stove-piped systems and welcome a new connected reality.

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