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Meeting tomorrow’s C4ISR requirements today

The maritime domain is a complex, three-dimensional operating environment that presents a multitude of challenges to naval commanders. Primary missions can be as diverse as countering a near-peer threat on one deployment to undertaking counter piracy operations on the next, at the same time commanders must also be prepared to undertake ad hoc tasks such as search and rescue, drug interdiction, or disaster relief.


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Modern naval warfare

  • Timeliness and accuracy
  • A force multiplier for commanders

Timeliness and accuracy

Danish Navy uses SitaWare C2 software

The dynamic nature of modern naval warfare necessitates timeliness and accuracy when composing and executing orders - whatever the mission. At a time when the sources of information available are more varied and comprehensive than ever before, being able to quickly evaluate the myriad of data, determine that which is relevant, and compose effective task orders is critical to mission success.

A force multiplier for commanders

Our domain expert and former Commander in the Royal Danish Navy, Stig Meyer, on how SitaWare Maritime provides naval commanders with enhanced situational awareness and C2 tools.

SitaWare Maritime C4I video with Stig Meyer

Mission sets

  • Naval warfare
  • Security
  • Amphibious Warfare
  • Multi-Domain operations
  • Mine countermeasures

Naval warfare

C4I software operationally proven in naval warfare

Naval commanders must be prepared to undertake a multitude of missions and it is feasible that even a single vessel could find itself simultaneously engaged in a number of tasks, such as surface, sub-surface, and anti-air warfare, providing naval gun fires, and operating organic air assets. SitaWare Maritime is operationally proven and provides commanders with the tools they need to successfully conduct a wide range of maritime missions, work with partner forces, and operate across domains.


Danish Navy officer using SitaWare Headquarters

Maritime security and policing operations are many and varied, with naval and coastguard forces called on to undertake a number of tasks. Alongside traditional security missions such fisheries protection, EEZ monitoring, and border management, maritime forces are often in the vanguard of counter-narcotics and counter-piracy operations. Whatever the mission, detailed situational awareness and advanced C2 are essential.

Amphibious Warfare

C2 software used to meet amphibious warfare challenges

Amphibious warfare presents arguably the biggest C2 challenge for maritime commanders and is a truly Joint endeavour. The complex, multi-faceted nature of these missions requires a cohesive command structure and success depends heavily on effective planning and coordination. A joined-up approach and collaborative planning across the task force is essential, if commanders are to react quickly to changes in the area of operations and anticipate how the course of action will develop.

Multi-Domain operations

Maritime C4I software enables operations across domains

Naval warfare is rarely conducted in isolation and in the contemporary operating environment it is inherently a coalition enterprise. Naval commanders operate in concert with their army and air force counterparts, providing them with a wide range of support. SitaWare not only delivers mission critical situational awareness and mission management tools for maritime operations, it also enables naval commanders to reach across domains and interoperate with partner forces.

Mine countermeasures

Navy officer uses radio to communicate

SitaWare Maritime has proven its utility in the mine countermeasures (MCM) role, with the software employed by the Royal Danish Navy during its command of Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group One (SNMCMG1). SitaWare provided advanced C2 and planning tools for the MCM mission, and the software presented a comprehensive Recognised Maritime Picture. The software supported SNMCMG1 in its mine-hunting and disposal operations, notably in the Baltic Sea.

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