IRIS Standards Management

Manage and maintain structured information standards with a web-based, centralised repository

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Enabling cross-coalition synergy


Raise operational effectiveness

Streamlining standards allows for more efficient use of resources, enhancing operational effectiveness.


Cut down expenses

The intuitive interface and simplicity of the web-based tool minimises deployment and training costs.


Strengthen interoperability

Managing information standards are essential in ensuring interoperability in military systems between nations.

Key benefits

The key to successful information exchange across the many systems employed across the defence estate, both nationally and internationally, are well-documented and developed standards.

The development and evolution of these standards must be carefully managed in a configuration-controlled environment to ensure that all stakeholders have the same view of the information to be exchanged and the agreed standard is fully compliant with the set of rules that it is based on.

The development of information exchange standards is no longer vested in a single office or organisation with the involvement of multiple stakeholders.

As standards evolve, multiple versions may be in circulation at the same time and information managers need a firm understanding of what and where the deltas are to mitigate reductions in operational capability and where mitigation and gateways may need to be put in place.

Part of the IRIS suite, IRIS Standards Management (ISM) is a web-based capability and sits at the heart of the stakeholder community, providing them with a range of online services to access the latest and most relevant standards information. Whether a stakeholder is accessing the system to create/update existing standards information or retrieve information on how a standard should be implemented, they can be assured that the shared, centralised repository contains the most up-to-date information.

Online standards management

As a shared, online platform for updates, IRIS Standards Management is a key message management hub.

Interoperability between systems

Ensuring that message standards comply with the given rules is essential to interoperability.

Collaboration with coalitions

With a single repository for all information exchange, IRIS Standards Management enables collaboration.

Effective standards management

Standards organisations can maintain and control standards data effectively by using permissions.

Change impact analysis in advance

With IRIS Standards Management, you can assess likely impacts of changes in standards, before implementation.

Accelerated implementation

Speed up the change release process by sharing proposed or approved changes to all relevant stakeholders.

Key features

  • Intuitive web-based interface
  • Comprehensive standards support
  • Simplified administration of structured information

IRIS Standards Management (ISM) manages component-based standards such as Message Text Formats (MTFs) in a strict configuration managed system which can incorporate quality and agreement checks in line with the organisation's procedures.

The artefacts produced are distributed from the standards organisation to end-user systems such as IRIS Forms which facilitates the loose coupling of information between systems that implement the standard.

Below, we have gathered some of the most important features in IRIS Standards Management. We are also more than happy to give you a live demo of our solution and discuss how your organisation could benefit from it.

Intuitive web-based interface

  • IRIS Standards Management is a web-based tool for defining, managing, and analysing structured information standards.
  • The user-friendly and intuitive web-based interface has been designed to assist operational experts to develop and update standards with minimum technical knowledge,. e.g. a military warfare expert can develop the XML-based MTF standard without the need to understand XML syntax.
  • Helps the user navigate data via a simple intranet, extranet, or internet connection.
  • This user interface keeps deployment and training costs down and facilitates distributed development and management.

Comprehensive standards support

  • IRIS Standards Management supports the ADatP-3, ADatP-3(A)/STANAG 5500 (edition 6), and USMTF/MIL-STD 6040 standards. 
  • National message standards are supported, provided they adhere to the ADatP-3 or MIL-STD 6040 standard rules, and they allow publishing in either IRIS mission file or XML-MTF schema format, e.g. ASMTF.
  • National characters can be supported and can be generated to both IRIS mission files and XML-MTF schemas.
  • The comparison tool within IRIS Standards Management provides comprehensive difference reports between different versions of the same standard and can be used to compare similar standards where the data is available, e.g. NATO MTFs with USMTF.
  • IRIS Standards Management could be used to manage other component-based standards such as Tactical Data Link, Symbology or HL7.

Simplified administration of structured information

  • IRIS Standards Management employs a configuration management toolbox at its’ core, allowing customers to model their quality assurance procedures in the system.
  • Employs a robust, permissions-based, system for the creation and modification of standards as well as access control. All modifications are logged to individual user accounts.
  • IRIS Standards Management provides the ability to share and disseminate proposed or approved changes to all relevant stakeholders, significantly speeding up the change release process.
  • The tool includes a wide range of integrated systems implementations, including services for system and operational data capture and analysis.

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IRIS Standards Management (ISM) is a web-based capability that sits at the heart of the stakeholder community, providing a range of online services to access the latest and most relevant standards information.

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